Full House

by staples


People say it’s the Korean version of Smiling Pasta (or vice versa, rather, because this came first) but I didn’t see it. There are a few similarities (guy is a rock star, girl is forced to meet him all the time) but those are mainly shared drama cliches, nothing more.

PLOT: there were some cute parts (like the flower scene >.<) but as a whole I didn’t see a lot of congruity, but that’s mainly due to the acting . . .

ACTING: I’m not sure whether this was the writing or the acting, but I didn’t feel much chemistry at all between the characters. It surprised me somewhat to see Rain run after the girl like that, I couldn’t see why they liked each other. They fought all the time! (And it wasn’t cute bickering like in Smiling Pasta either.) Unlike most people, I don’t really think Rain is that good-looking. The lead actress was pretty though. The picture above doesn’t really do her justice, so here’s a better one:

OST: I don’t recall an OST for this one. . .



2 Comments to “Full House”

  1. Classic Korean drama…best first episode ever…
    A lot of waiting around but it was worth it
    Song Hye Kyo is one of the most beautiful natural beauties in Korea

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