by staples
from left to right: Yoon Eun Hye, Kim Jeon Hoon, Song Ji Hyo, Joo Ji Hoon


Fantastic starter drama: acting and actors both good, and the plot is reasonably innocent. The politics/elders aren’t boring the first time around, but they are part of what makes watching this drama a second time difficult. Plus, it’s so angst-filled and dramatic that you know what’s going to happen and there aren’t enough cute scenes to make watching it again worthwhile. Of course, I happen to have a soft spot for it since it was my very first drama and I love the actors, but some people say the acting is only mediocre. Being physically unable to make myself watch it a second time (trust me, I’ve tried three times now), I can’t really comment on that. I’m sure that after watching so many other dramas I’ll have a different opinion on it.

OST: The songs will have you crying years later. Not just the title tracks, either. It’s been three years and the instrumentals still get me emotional. *sigh* oh, the memories…

Rating: 7


One Comment to “Goong”

  1. Kim Jeong Hoon is so beautiful!!!!
    Hope he comes back from military duty soon!!!
    speaking of military service….what’s up with that? Even celebrities have to go to the military…what if something happens to them??

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