by staples


Thoroughly average, in my opinion. The female lead (Ariel Lin) is a good actress, but I didn’t think Joe Cheng fit the role of “most popular guy.” I also find girls who are so eager to promote themselves that they do stupid things hard to watch. Though I love the final scene, I can’t help but feel sorry for the guy–shouldn’t it be the happiest day of his life too?

One more thing confused me: the title. It didn’t Start With a Kiss. I mean, that would be a better title for Smiling Pasta, but here it makes no sense at all.

OST: good in the sense that you didn’t have to be addicted to the drama to like some of the songs.

RATING: 5.5-6


One Comment to “ISWAK”

  1. ISWAK 2 is better than the first drama. The main characters have more chemistry together and there are more serious issues that must be faced by the characters…seems more realistic.
    Ariel Lin is ugly in photos but really pretty in videos.

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