Why, Why, Love

by staples


Especially loved this one because it used the same actors from DBY but in a less romantic plot-line.

ACTORS/ACTING: just plain amazing chemistry between the actors. It was after this and DBY that I developed a soft spot for the three main leads and Michelle Chen (who plays Rainie’s best friend). I also loved the image of a hard-working, capable female lead rather than an innocent bimbo.

PLOT: Very cute and unexpected and the OMG moment was a reasonably legit one. Unlike a lot of other dramas, I didn’t forget why they couldn’t be together once the angst got under way. That’s not to say I didn’t find it a slight stretch on the “Devil” character’s part, but it was some-what understandable for drama-land. The only thing I didn’t like about this drama was the end. They made it extremely vague and confusing in order to hype up the angst. They definitely succeeded on that front: I had to go look up the wikipedia article to ensure it was a happy ending and kept repeating this fact to myself throughout the last few minutes of the show. But I found it somewhat unnecessary.

OST: Again, the songs are worth looking up, but there wasn’t an OST



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