Coffee Prince

by staples


This one was adorable. My cousin’s absolute favorite.

ACTING: good. I think Yoon Eun Hye was much better in this than she was in Goong. Eun Chan definitely had more character than Chae Gyung. In addition, the actors worked really well together. Everything seemed very natural.

PLOT: This drama was more dramatic with spots of humor and cuteness. Even though I kept getting mad at her for not telling him she was a girl, I could understand her reasons. Initially she was afraid she would lose her job, later she was afraid she would lose him.  The writers did an amazing job keeping up the angst of their relationship despite the fact that Eun Chan pretended to be a boy the entire way through. Their relationship developed slowly but sweetly and Gong Yoo’s culmination of confusion and conflict was fantastic. In addition, I LOVED the chestnut scene. Everyone who’se seen this knows what I’m talking about.

I also loved the fact that Coffee Prince was a very “feminist” drama without being over the top. Eun Chan is not stupid or naive and instead of having the girl wait for the guy at the end, it’s the other way around.


  • one character leaves for another country
  • “one year later” epilogue to wrap it up

OST: Just. Plain. Amazing. Both the Official and Unofficial OST (see were amazing.

RATING: 8.5-9


2 Comments to “Coffee Prince”

  1. A lot of chemistry…passionate scenes, if you know what I mean
    But the secondary actors are kinda ugly…funny but it took a while to get used to watching them. Especially the dumb one who’s in love with the main girl’s sister.
    Interesting fact: the drawings on the windows are still there in that coffee shop

    • You really though so? I actually liked the dumb guy. He was so funny! I heard he died in a car crash some time afterwards TT.TT
      But the “player” is a bit. . .off. Let’s just say I didn’t think he had the ability to be a player.

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