Mei Wei Guan Xi

by staples


ACTORS: I loved Patty Hou, I really did, and Alan Kuo was a good too. Vic Zhou was okay acting-wise, but I didn’t like Megan Lai’s teeth (I know it sounds strange and pretentious, but it was so distracting–I couldn’t think about much else when she was talking). I didn’t feel an enormous amount of chemistry between Vic and Patty, which was frustrating at times, but it actually was okay. I particularly loved Teresa Ji as a supporting actress and wish I could see her in something else (and the Grandma was amazing too).

PLOT: so. darn. draggy. If I remember correctly, it took a ridiculous amount of episodes for you to realize the guy even cared about her, and you never really felt their relationship develop on a deep level.

The ending reminded me of the ending to ISWAK: very surprising and somewhat cute. I really did not like the situation they put Vic into at the end, though. I would have preferred he do it himself instead of being forced into it (more or less)–though they do justify it later.


  • none, as far as I can remember

OST: pretty darn fantastic. Vic Zhou’s song was mediocre (I think it was a bit low for him), but Joanna Wang had some beautiful music.

To be perfectly honest, I really enjoyed this drama for all it’s shortcomings. (So the rating is higher than it should be) It had some really great scenes. I think the main problem with it was Vic’s acting and the writer’s dragginess. If they had moved it along a bit faster, it would have been much better. But it was really cute. I may even watch it again later . . .

RATING: 6-6.5


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