Miss No Good

by staples


Can you tell I’m a Rainie Yang fan? Her acting was good, as usual, and the plot was pretty good, too. I didn’t like the lisp they had her do and it bugged me slightly that Tang Men never realized she was’t a gold digger (though if he still likes her I suppose it’s okay, but still. . .)

PLOT: a contemporary spin-off of Audrey Hepburn’s classic My Fair Lady but the plot isn’t that similar. I was just waiting for Rainie’s voice makeover and her hair might bug some people. Sending Tang Men off at the end seemed ridiculous and nonsensical. Everyone knows he’ll come back after a year or something, it was just a random cliche they felt necessary to throw in there.


  • sending the guy off to another country
  • “several months/years later”

OST: I think Rainie has this deal where she doesn’t do OSTs for any dramas she’s in and releases the songs on the side. Some of the songs are worth looking up, but not all of them.

RATING: 6.5-7


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