Prince Turns to Frog

by staples


Thoroughly average, but enjoyable.

ACTING: The actors were good, and all the characters had good chemistry with one-another. After watching Joyce Zhao be the “tough girl” in Smiling Pasta, I appreciated her acting ability more as she was the soft, girly-girl here. The most amazing part was when Zhao’s character had her little “mental breakdown.” Her acting there was superb. Chen’s acting during her amnesia was superb as well.

PLOT: The plot was definitely original. Some things surprised me: like how the main character never truly got his memory back, and the ending was definitely a surprise.


  • female character can’t hold alcohol and gets drunk and the guy has to carry her (in a way)

One of the things I appreciated about this drama was that it avoided certain cliches in a way. For example, most dramas use rain to get characters together. While this is never a bad thing, most dramas are completely tactless about it. If they want rain, they just let it rain without holding back. In this one, you can hear the rain drizzle for a few seconds before any character comments on it, and then later it gets heavy.
OST: There were some good songs, but not very many fantastic ones. No real emotional connection to any of them. You’ll note that nearly all the songs are by the same groups: 7Flowers and 183Club. That’s because every member of the two groups is in this drama (Except for one girl from 7Flowers).



2 Comments to “Prince Turns to Frog”

  1. Oooooh I love this series! I think on a technicality factor, you’re right, I wouldn’t rate it so high but the enjoyability factor was a big giant winner for me xDD

    I watched it quite some time ago actually, I remember that it took a little while for me to warm to Ming Dao but once I did, I was rooting for him & Joe Chen all the freaking way! I think they are so cute together.

    Speaking of Joe Chen, I think she’s awesome ^_^

    • So true, right? Some parts were downright hilarious and there were a lot of non-cliche plot twists.

      It was funny, because I was reading some blogs and people were saying “It took a while for the public to warm up to Ming Dao as an actor because he’s so dark.” That made me laugh. It’s great how Asia is so different from the US.

      I tried to watch Joe Chen’s latest (because I really like her, too) but mid way through the first or second episode I realized that I totally preferred the second male lead (Roy Qiu) over Blue Lan or whoever. Normally I tend to like the first male lead better simply because he makes the female lead happy, but this time it was just killing me, so I couldn’t watch it.

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