Guess Who’s Learning Mandarin?

by staples

So as some of you may have read on the “About” page, I am trying to teach myself Chinese Mandarin. Now, this “trying” has been going on for a couple of years now, with minimal success. So now, I figure if I put myself to task and put my progress or lack thereof up for the world to see, I’ll be more motivated to get my brain into gear and do it.

I’m using the Pimsleur series which has its benefits and not-so-benefits (what is the word for that?)


  • people say they help you develop a really good accent
  • people also say it’s pretty thorough
  • unlike Rosetta Stone, it’s completely audio-based (I find that handy. I barely can make myself listen to it, let alone get myself to turn on some software)


  • They use Beijing Mandarin, which is pronounced very differently from, say, the Taiwanese Mandarin I hear in dramas
  • I’m not sure if I can post the files here for you guys to listen to. I don’t exactly want to get into trouble with a company that’s gone out of it’s way to erase its transcripts from the face of the internet

That being said, they didn’t completely wipe the transcripts off the face of the earth. You can download them here because this person is awesome. Kudos to you, my man!

Note that for now it only goes up to Mandarin II Unit 10, but that’s all I’m going to need for now.

My next post will actually be on one of the lessons.


3 Comments to “Guess Who’s Learning Mandarin?”

  1. Oi, good luck with that. I can only go as far as listening to Penny Dai’s songs. 🙂

  2. I’m trying to learn Chinese as well (my girlfriend is from Taiwan and I am moving there in a month) so this should be very helpful! Thanks!


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