Myanmar Junta Members Go Civilian –

by staples

Myanmar Junta Members Go Civilian –

In a break from the usual drama-related stuffs, I am going to rant (for about 350 words) about politics. Asian politics. Specifically, the troubled region called Burma/Myanmar. In a nutshell, I am extremely P.O.’d at the fact that a bunch of military leaders are “resigning.” Why does this make me upset? Why is the word resigning in quotes? Let’s start with a nice timeline of Burmese history:

(please click on it for a larger, readable image)

It’s an image I made years ago, but I did make it, so credit me if using it elsewhere 🙂 (**NLD is National League for Democracy)

Anyway, so if you read the timeline (you may want to click on it to see a larger version) you see that since 1962, Burma/Myanmar has been under military rule. After the 2007 protests, the junta went “fine, fine, we’ll adopt a new constitution. Just pipe down, okay?” Which is essentially what they do every time the international community makes a fuss.

So the “constitution” they came up with said that in this wonderful newly created parliament of a “civilian” government, 25% of the seats would be reserved for military members. Woohoo. Obviously, the world denounced the constitution as a sham, but no one really did anything about it.

This is mainly because the only countries that have true economic interests in that country are China and India. China is all buddy-buddy with the government and gets good deals on timber, oil, etc. so they don’t make a big fuss of things. India initially made a big fuss but then realized that no one else in the world cared, and they were losing out on some big national resources their budding economy could use. So while India isn’t “officially” happy with the Burmese government, they aren’t complaining very loudly either.

Now the election is coming up (the National League for Democracy is not running in protest–their leader Aung San Suu Kyi has been under house arrest for more than a decade now). Guess what the new NY Times article says? All the military leaders are resigning from the military so that they can run for election. At this rate, 75% of the seats will be held by might-as-well-be military leaders! Politics makes me sick sometimes.


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