Hi My Sweetheart Episode 2 Recap

by staples


As promised, Episode 2 with screen caps!


Haha! This picture is great because it takes exactly what happened, but makes it sound completely wrong!


It begins where we left off, Bai Chu Jie telling Da Lung to leave or else she’ll do “that” to him. So Da Lung changes, and as he’s walks through the house (fully clothed), he notices something.

“If this is your house,” he asks, “Where’s your family?” (It’s obvious at this point that Bai Chu Jie is rich. Why else would she be from Taiwan and have a house here? Maybe Da Lung is assuming she moved. Then again, since he’s rich, he wouldn’t find it unusual to have multiple houses in multiple places. But still, why should her family be here? She’s from Taiwan.)

Bai Chu Jie tells him to mind his own business. She finds out that DL was nearby because of the party Mo Lee held. When asked if he likes Mo Lee, Da Lung responds, “I don’t know if it’s like yet, but she’s pretty.” He relates his embarrassment at not being able to dance with Mo Lee. At first, BCJ laughs, then, in a masculine “let me take you somewhere and not tell you where until we get there” move, she drags him off to a club.


Here, she orders a drink for herself and scoffs when DL asks for a milk. “Do they have strawberry milk?” he asks sweetly. (Haha. This kid’s a riot!) DL says alcohol tastes disgusting, but BCJ notes quietly that it has some good qualities—it can help you forget the bad stuff. If it wasn’t very obvious before, you can tell BCJ has a tough exterior, but that’s the only thing holding her together. You have to give Rainie props for her acting. The writing insists that her development move fast, but she’s done a good job of being tough-verging-on-melting-down from the beginning so it doesn’t seem too forced. It’s not fast per-se, it’s just odd because her development is going at the usual place, but from a more advanced stage than I’m used to seeing.

BCJ insist that DL dance for her, so he shows her the only dance he knows:HSM2.1

The Pink Panther one.

As they exit the bar, BCJ stumbles around as she laughs at the memory of his dance. DL is slightly annoyed, but as he listens, he hears her laughter become sobs of pain. “You don’t have to laugh if you want to cry,” he says. She responds with some abuse, and eventually collapses on the ground, muttering “No one worries about me,” to herself. *adorable drama cliché alert* Da Lung picks her up and carries her on his back to her house.


“Ugly Mushroom Head,” she asks (this is her nickname for him)

HSM2.2 *sob* that’s so stereotypically adorable! (And look at DL’s little-kid adorable expression. Makes me want to pinch his cheeks)

Of course, Da Lung smiles softly and promises he will.


Back at the dorm, Da Jie is worrying with the room-mates when they hear DL’s footsteps. One problem solved, Da Jie realizes the trouble she’ll be in if DL catches her. For starters, he thinks she’s back in Taiwan. Plus, she promised not to visit him until graduation. Though Da Jie hides in the closet, DL catches her sneaking out. The scene pauses as Da Lung catches sight of his sister.


BCJ is lying in bed, her mom nearby but in a “How could you drink so much” rather than an “I’m concerned” way. The phone rings—it’s her husband. The ensuing conversation is filled with “your daughter is drunk again”s and “you’re never home”s and “if you’re so great why don’t you come down and take care of her?”s.  The phrase “take care” makes me laugh. It’s obvious that BCJ’s never really been cared for. Finally she yells for the two of them to stop arguing, “or at least don’t argue in my room!” What does her mother do? Leave the room and continue to argue with her husband. Sheesh.



Da Lung takes his Da Jie outside and tells her in a sad voice that he understands that she’s done a lot for him, but it’s time for her to let go now. She tearfully agrees and goes back to Taiwan.

It’s interesting to see how an Asian drama approaches the idea of a parent letting go. Notice that Da Lung remains respectful of her and acknowledges what she’s done for him, rather than yelling and screaming about things.

What’s also interesting is how this scene and the one before it act as foils: the broken family and the loving one.


The next day at school, when people being to laugh at DL’s attempts to read English, BCJ stands up (cool cat shadow/smoke behind her) and yells for silence. DL, in a conscious attempt to remove himself from BCJ’s thumb (considering he just got out from under Da Jie’s) tells the students to laugh all they want. This gives him a swift kick from BCJ. This scene of DL’s masculine development not at the cost of BCJ’s self-confidence, gives me hope that this drama will continue to be female-empowerment-ish.

After class, BCJ insists the two of them have lunch together (you can see she’s trying to hold on to the one person who may actually care about her). Dragging DL kicking and screaming (literally) to the cafeteria, the two find that there are no spare seats. Or rather, there are many, but they’re all “being saved” for someone. Finally, Mo Lee sees the two of them and calls DL over. BCJ doesn’t want to, but DL insists. Is BCJ jealous?


Notice that even though Da Lung doesn’t want to be here, he’s holding BCJ’s lunch for her. Why is this gallantry void in the United States?

Mo Lee’s friends warn DL to be careful who he hangs out with, calling BCJ a thief and a materialistic person. BCJ gets up and leaves. DL runs after her, but ML’s friends stop him, telling him that once in high school, and expensive watch had gone missing and had been found in BCJ’s bag. Her parent’s were called, but they didn’t show because she “was such a disgrace.” Now, we know enough to assume that BCJ stole the watch to get her parents attention, and they were probably on a business trip or vacationing in Havana or something.

Then, one of Mo Lee’s other friends says that freshman year, BCJ was dating a rich guy, only to break up with him once he went bankrupt. He went into a depression soon after and flunked school. Now this I have no explanation for. Is BCJ’s mother involved, like the plot summary hints?

DL gallantly says there must be a misunderstanding. Mo Lee can’t understand his kindness and in the following discourse, it becomes apparent that Mo Lee’s dad is a friend of Da Jie’s and Mo Lee has been instructed to “take care of him.” DL notes that this is why she’s so nice to him and one of her friends scoffs “Of course! Did you think she liked you?” It’s clear from Mo Lee’s face that she does like him, but I still can’t see why. Is it money? But her feelings seem genuine, not calculative.


BCJ is driving a beautiful silver convertible at breakneck speed. “No one cares about me,” she thinks. (I think they need to find another phrase she can use)  “If I died, I bet a lot of people would be happy.”


As she’s about to crash into above pictured black van, BCJ hears Da Lung yell “Bai Chu Jie!” in her head, and slams the breaks. The van moves on, but BCJ sits there, crying.


The next day at school, the teacher assigns a partner paper worth 50% of their final grade. (Do those really exist?) Everyone pairs up quickly, leaving BCJ and DL alone. The teacher proposes they work together, but BCJ refuses. She’s barely spoken to DL all day, and when he tried to say something she swept past him with a cold “aren’t you afraid of being shunned if you talk to me?”

After class, DL convinces her to work with him, saying that he really wants to be friends with her because he understands how scary it is not to have friends. Though she scoffs at the word “afraid” she is moved slightly by his story. “I was so poor, no one wanted to be friends with me.” It’s interesting

a) how an innocent guy like Da Lung doesn’t find it extremely difficult to lie (though they add a little preface every time where he thinks “I can’t tell her x, so. . .” Initially it bugged me because I thought, “yeah, I know the story-line, I’m not dumb” but in hindsight you realize that they only do this to preserve his innocence in the viewers mind. If they made him a bad liar, then BCJ wouldn’t be able to believe it)

b) how BCJ has this attachment/pity for poverty. This shows up several times and the way she acts it seems more like poverty has affected her personally rather than she’s just a caring person.

Anyway, BCJ agrees to work with him by telling him to meet her at the library at 2 o’clock


Being himself, Da Lung gets lost. Despite the fact that BCJ told him she wasn’t going to wait, she stands in the parking lot waiting. Finally, she calls him up. This brings two questions to mind:

1)How does she have his number?

2) Why didn’t she call earlier?

The fact that I have to ask the first question bugs me. I hate when writers use this ploy (and they tend to use it a lot with cell phones and the time of day). Sometimes the phone thing makes sense. Like in Smiling Pasta you can say “they’re faking engagement, it makes sense that they’d swap numbers sometime off camera.” But the time thing never makes sense. “Ooh, look they went into a cafe for lunch and by the time they get out it’s. . .twilight? pitch black?” I think Korean dramas tend to do this more than Taiwanese ones, though.

Anyway, by the time Rainie BCJ finds DL the library has closed and they’ve wasted a day of research. BCJ yells at him, but . . .*cue adorable drama cliché #2*

BCJ: “You wasted an entire day of research” *glare* “What are we supposed to do now??”

DL: *stomach grumbles* *looks up with adorable pout*

(I’m really loving the role-switching here!)



BCJ ends up taking him to a fancy restaurant where he orders like a pro. When she asks him how he knows how, he says he’s been too poor to eat steak, so he read about it. This may sound strange, but if I were a rich, friends-less girl, I might believe and sympathize with that story. Who wouldn’t read about food?

At the end DL doesn’t have enough money to pay and BCJ responds “Well, I guess you’ll have to wash the dishes.” (Note that DL is not being a gold-digger here, he’s foresworn all of his family’s money while he’s at college and has only brought his personal savings with him. Must be a lot of savings. . .) Of course, BCJ ends up footing the bill.


They finally end up going to the library the next day and I think DL’s starting to like BCJ. Ever since they left dinner, he keeps staring at her, but when she looks at him, he turns away. In order to make sure we don’t miss this latest development, the director’s have graciously allowed pink hearts to come out of DL’s eyes when he looks at her. Thank you, director’s. I would have been completely confused otherwise. (And that’s only half-sarcasm right there)

They leave the library, and suddenly, Mo Lee appears from around the corner. She’s shocked DL would ignore her advice. BCJ, in a fit of cattiness and jealousy, I suppose, “let’s slip” the fact that Da Lung was at her house, and that she’d seen his, quote “bare body” and even saw his “da lung, da lung, dalung dalung dalung,” while gesturing somewhat to the spot. Mo Lee’s reaction is priceless, as is this quote:


It’s so true, but so false! I can’t help but wonder what she thinks about the whole “da lung” business. She asks DL what BCJ is to him. Are they more than just friends? BCJ looks at Mo Lee than the stuttering Da Lung, and turns and kisses him. You can see Mo Lee is hurt by this (why???)


Just like a girl, Da Lung begins to protest about the theft of his “first kiss” (once BCJ has led him away from ML, of course). BCJ is thoroughly unapologetic, and offers no explanation to why she would do this in the first place. They yell at each other quite a bit, but the argument comes to an abrupt halt when Da Lung says “You’re a hateful selfish girl. That’s why no one likes you!” That really touches a nerve, and BCJ runs off, upset.


Back at the dorm, Da Lung asks his roommates what a first kiss should be like. He’s surprised to find answers full of cotton candy and electricity (despite the obvious fact that these guys know nothing about the subject). When they press him as to why he’s asking all these questions, though, he feigns sleepiness.


I’m assuming his roommates leave him alone solely because they realize he won’t speak, because that is the least-believable “I’m sleeping” face in the world. Again, it’s to preserve DL’s “innocence”


At school the next day, BCJ will not speak to DL at all.  Finally, he corners her after class, unaware his roommates are listening from behind a pillar.

“You stole my first kiss,” he begins,


“Then why do I feel like I’m the one who wronged you?”

Bai Chu Jie doesn’t respond to his question directly, telling him instead that they won’t speak to each other at all unless it relates directly to the paper. Da Lung agrees, saying, “Fine, we’ll only talk when it relates to the paper. No eating lunch together, no taking the bus together, no dancing, and no kissing!” As he says this last one, he has this ridiculous image of BCJ pushing him up against a pillar and preparing (with a ridiculously goofy face) to kiss him.



I’m really loving the whole role reversal thing (I know, I’ve said this too many times). Da Lung is obviously the girl in this relationship so far. Role reversal aside, a few things bug me:

1) Why, why, why, why, why does Mo Lee like Da Lung? What’s more, if you think about it, it was love at first sight for her. Call me shallow, but I just don’t see it.

2) Why does BCJ’s face soften so much at any hint of poverty? Is it over-acting on her part or does this have anything to do with the bankrupt ex?

In addition, there are some cinematography effects to point out. Mainly, the over-abundant imagery and hilarious fantasy sequences. They remind me of Soulmate or You’re Beautiful in a way, the whole “let’s randomly switch the scene without making it an obvious fantasy.” Maybe they’re trying to bank off YB’s popularity? As for the overabundant imagery, I think I’ve discussed that enough 😉

The only other grievance I can think of is that this drama is terrible about tying up the small loose ends so far. (Though I’m hoping to be disappointed in the future”) Case in point: the cell phone thing I complained about earlier, plus that fact that even though Da Lung came “only with his savings” and it’s obvious it’s not a lot, we don’t know how he’s going to get money at all. And I don’t think they’ll ever set him up with a job because that wouldn’t further the plot at this point.

All right, so here it is. Please comment if you think I use too many screen caps (or too few) and if you would prefer I keep my analysis in the comments section or sprinkle them throughout.

Episode 3>>


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