Silence! I Keel You!

by staples

A couple funny things happened to me today!

Disclaimer: This video verges on the politically incorrect. I apologize if anyone finds this offensive, but please note that this video does not represent my views on anything in any way. Also, there are some PG-13 moments in there. For the purpose of the rest of this rant, you need only watch the first 2:00 or so.

Okay, so I’m sitting outside enjoying the sunshine on this beautiful May afternoon, when I see a teenage kid walk by. In an attempt to be both hip and cool at the same time, he was sporting over-sized black jeans, and a large black T-shirt. Darling, you can either be emo or ghetto. Not both.  Regardless, what struck me was his T-shirt because it said

“Silence! I keel you!” Across it in huge red letters. I took a double take and finally called out “Hey! I like your T-shirt.” and he knew exactly what I was saying, too! It was pretty funny.

In other ridiculous news, I saw a car with the license plate: “SKSYFOX.” It took me a while to figure out what the plate was trying to say, and as I moved passed the vehicle, I strained to see the driver. It was a large red-haired man with a long shaggy beard and a beany. That was probably the most disturbing thing I have ever seen in my life.


15 Comments to “Silence! I Keel You!”

  1. Hey you! Haha, thought I’d check in on you, like I said I would.
    Oh gosh, I haven’t seen that clip in the longest time. I used to love it. Still do, kind of.

    Call me slow but what does SKSYFOX mean ? /slow

    • Aww, thanks for checking up 🙂

      It’s a fail attempt at saying “Sexy Fox.” lol. Don’t worry. I saw the license plate and I just sat there a minute, going “Now what the heck is that supposed to mean?” When I finally got it, I wanted to laugh and point it out to the others in the car. . . but they were all sleeping.

      • No probs! 🙂

        Oh, that’s that I was thinking, but then I saw the letter “k” and I was like “Wait … is that still supposed to be ‘sexy’?” Haha.

        Wow, don’t you just hate that ? There was a facebook group that was like:
        look… loook… LOOK… LOOOOOOOKKKKK!! *friend looks* Forget it… you missed it now.
        It made me laugh. Facebook pages relate so much to my life. :’D

        • Yeah, the k is what threw me off at first, too.

          Lol, that’s so true! Someone said there was a group called “My name’s never on those stupid key-chains” and I just shook my head sadly and thought “story of my life.”

  2. Oh gosh, whenever I see those keychains with names on them, I get so angry. I know my name’s never on it, but I’m always so tempted to check. >>;

    • Haha. I always check. It’s really dumb because there’s no way in heaven or hell my name’s on one of those things. I smile whenever I see a name I know, then realize that duh, they’re going to be up there if their name is Kate because it’s a common name, not because they’re special.

      You know, I went to this hotel and the gift shop had random “cards” instead of the key chains. There was the “Official Playboy Card” the “Official Man Card” etc. It was kinda funny to read some of them.

      • Oh my gosh, that’s exactly like me! Haha. I’d see my friend’s names like “Anna” or “Kathy”, and I’d be like “….k whatever, I’m special.” LOL! Mind me asking what your name is? x)

        Oh, I’ve seen those too. I wanted to get one, but I felt weird if I picked out something stupid and had to face the cashier. xD;

        • Well, suffice it to say it’s not an American name. It’s not ridiculously complex, but one that is spelled 100% phonetically yet still gets pronounced like its French or something. Sometimes I wonder, “Where the heck did you get that r to put in the middle of my name? hmmm?”

          Yeah, some of them are pretty awkward. Imagine walking up with the Playboy card: “It’s for a friend, I swear!”

  3. Haha, I see. If it helps, my name isn’t all that great. I’ve been pronouncing it wrong since I was a kid. Every teacher would call my name right, but then I’d correct them to say it my way. XD;

    Exactly. I’m that loser that would be extremely embarrassed by a hot cashier.

    • I have a friend like that. I never understood why she’d do that. She’s Indian, but she makes people pronounce her name like it’s French.

      Haha. I’m the person who would grab the friend who thinks the cashier’s hot by the elbow and force her into a conversation.

      • Well, I guess it’s because my parents are Asian. When they first heard my name, they pronounced it wrong. It kind of followed through that way. I see. Your friends sounds cool, haha.

        Oh my gosh, seriously!? Hahaa, I’d die if any of my friends did that to me. D;

  4. Ah, so it’s your English name that gets mispronounced. That makes more sense.

    Well, either that or I’d start a random conversation with him. Haha. have confidence! If you act like you’re not embarrassed, suddenly you’re not.

    • Yes, what other names can get mispronounced? My chinese name? LOL

      Really? That never works out for me. I can’t pretend to be confident, haha. Maybe I should try it. 🙂

      • Well, I wasn’t sure. it would be odd if you mispronounced your chinese name. . . should try 🙂

        • Argh, sorry for the sort of late reply. I’ve been busy with exams.

          Well, people say my Cantonese is horrible … Psht, they don’t know what they’re saying. Haha.

          & MAYBE. I tell myself to do these things and face my fears … it never works.

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