New Blog: Citra Music

by staples

Do you like stuffing your music player with songs from all over? I’m not just talking Korean, but Japanese, Indonesian, and maybe even *gasp* American songs? Citra Music is a place to download the discography of your favorite artists from all over the place. Now, don’t get me wrong–I’m not advocating you download the songs, not buy the album, and then starve your favorite artist of his bread and water. I’m saying that if you don’t know the discography of, say, Big Bang, or if someone says “Epik High is so cool!” and you don’t know what their talking about, here’s what you do: go to, click on the artist you want to look at in the sidebar and say “Hey, now I know what songs they have.” Then you can either listen to the songs on Youtube or download the album from the site. But read this next line closely, this is Staples wagging a weary finger at you: don’t leave your favorite artist high and dry–support them! You can buy albums on, amazon (occasionally) and lots of new Korean and Mandarin artists are finding their way onto iTunes in the US store as well! (Found a couple Nicky Lee albums there the other day–so excited!)


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