Que Sera Sera Review

by staples


Amazingly deep. Definitely not for the casual drama viewer.

ACTING: The point of this drama was to be good, probably with the intention that enjoyability should follow. The acting was very good, there was a lot of energy between the characters. In addition, though this is more kudos to the writers, but the characters themselves were very realistic.

PLOT: Loved it, up until what was to me a rather lukewarm ending. Rumors have been circulating about the ending being a fantasy sequence, but watching it, I never imagined that for an instant. So I’m going to continue believing that the ending was the ending. There’s a lot of angst and a couple scenes where you are literally at the edge of your seat going “THAT DID NOT JUST HAPPEN!!!”

CINEMATICS: Like I said, the purpose here was to be good, not fun. Everything seemed to be really well thought out for me. I can’t really go into it here, but there’s a certain scene where they couple a very intense, vibrantly colored scene in Korean, with a very cool, calm scene conducted in English. Just amazing. Also, sometimes the TV will be playing in the background in English, and the dialogue often has a little bit to do with the character’s predicament. (Or maybe that’s just my imagination). A lot of thought went into this drama.

CLICHES: Hmm. . . none that I can think of off the top of my head. Player falls in love with innocent girl. . . rich girl forces main lead to ditch his love. . .

OST: A very nice OST. I can’t say it was tear-jerking–there’s really no emotional attachment to them, but the songs themselves have a lot of emotion behind them.

Rating: 8.5-9


2 Comments to “Que Sera Sera Review”

  1. This is definitely on my favorite drama list. I think I might start watching it again

    • It was definitely very skillfully made. It was a little dramatic and melodrama-y, so I don’t know if I could watch it again, but it was amazing all the same. I’m kind of a “happy ending” person.

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