Soulmate Review

by staples


A very good drama recommended by Dramabeans. It’s very different, yet very touching. They essentially trace the story of a relationship that is meant to be from before the beginning onwards. What’s great is that they analyze a relationship from both the guy’s and the girls’ perspective.  Anyway, mix the goofy adorability of You’re Beautiful with the maturity and thoughtfulness of QSS along with Coffee Prince’s soundtrack and you have Soulmate. Not at all as cheesy as the name suggests.

ACTING: Very well done. This, like QSS, is one of the dramas where the characters are very realistic in both their actions and portrayal. Oh, and what’s interesting is that most of the actors go by their names. For example, the character Shin Dong Wook is played by Shin Dong Wook. Quite interesting. . .

PLOT: One of the confusing things about it is that they’ll tell you the day from the perspective of one person, then go back and tell the story of the same day from another person’s point of view. To make this obvious, they will cross paths once (but only once). Though this limits any sense of repetitiveness, you sometimes lose track of what time it is. (Yes, I’m aware this is never of any importance in dramas, considering they can go into a coffee shop with the sun shining and come out when its pitch black).

OST: both beautiful and to some extent tear-jerking.

RATING: Over all, the only thing this drama could be rated down for is the confusion and maturity of some scenes (it’s barely PG-13 rated, mind you, I’m just not used to seeing that kind of stuff in an Asian drama). Some things people might have trouble with is the ending and the length of time for the destined couple to meet. While I liked the ending to a certain extent (and even more so in retrospect), I somewhat agree with the latter concern. In it’s defense though, they build the drama up so the meeting in epic. Pure, thorough, epicness.


2 Comments to “Soulmate Review”

  1. I really wish that this was my first drama. It’s mature and different and just awesome.Love it! I think I’ve watched it 3 or 4 times

    • Haha. really? I only watched it once. I think I want to start again, but I have a lot of dramas on my list already. This was probably the only drama where I was more or less sobbing at the end. Because the end was _right_ but it was so _sad_. I could see why she did what she did, but it broke my heart. I really wish there’d been a season two…

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