PS Man Review

by staples

from top left, going clock-wise: WEN SHENG HAO, BIANCA BAI, LAN CHENG LONG, SONIA SUI

The first Taiwanese drama I’ve seen that goes to 21 episodes, and for some good reasons (I’ll rant about those in a separate post so there aren’t any spoilers here).

ACTING: Lots of people gave Sonia Sui and Bianca Bai crap for their acting (they’re both model-turned-actresses), but I wasn’t too discouraged. I think I’m just bad at discerning bad acting from a weird character. To be honest, I think the roles they played called for weird things. For example: Amanda/Bianca’s plea “for the sake of her child” which was greeted on viikii with comments ranging from “she should be ashamed of herself” to “that bi***”. And Sonia had to deal with a character’s frame of mind that I’ve never seen in a drama before (i.e. her reason for refusing the male lead the second time)

While the decision was in reality just a ploy to extend the story-line, I respected Sonia’s character for it, and admit that it must have been a very difficult role to play. How do you make those kind of emotions show? It was really unclear why she was pushing the main lead away until she more or less said it out loud.

PLOT: I feel like they could have used the extension of episodes much better than they actually did. Anyone who’s seen the show will agree that episode 13 was an entire hour of the same thing. Stuff happened, but nothing changed plot-wise. I also feel like the method of getting them together, while thoroughly adorable, would have been better if accompanied by some kind of realization on Ma Xiao Qian/Sonia’s part that the guy she loved really loved her and wasn’t a player. As it stands, the drama makes it seem like her reason for rejecting the guy the 2nd time was just a facade in order to extend the story-line. Additionally, what was up with MXQ’s first reason for refusing the male lead? That was so lame!

There were also some inconsistancies: like the family being so ridiculously against the match it made me want to kill them, but then later, it doesn’t even matter. Like, it’s not even considered an issue.

CLICHES: So many cliches waiting to happen!! There was some forced cohabilitation (so cute!!),  girl was seen naked (so was the guy),  the family was dead set against the match, player gets reformed, etc

OST: there was no official OST for this. The title and end songs are adrift on the web somewhere, but I noticed that some of the instrumentals were versions of songs from Yen-j’s new album, which I highly recommend to anyone who loved this drama (and to those who didn’t…and to those who haven’t watched it). This was the most amazing album ever!!!! 10/10 stars, really. And you know that adorable song the male lead sings at the piano? it’s from this album!

RATING: 9 (mainly because it had so much potential)


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