Hi My Sweetheart Episodes 4-8 part I

by staples

I feel terrible. I left all of you guys hanging forever! But I’m back, and instead of jumping over the episodes I already watched, I’ll give you a brief-ish summary of what’s happened so far. I have the episode 3 recap on my old computer, so it’ll be up in a bit.

Okay, so when we left off, BCJ decides that she’s going to compete in the Miss Sweetheart competition, too. She doesn’t tell Da Lung this, though.  One night, you see Da Lung finishing helping Mo Lee practice. She’s about to ask him to dinner or something when BCJ charges in, grabs him by the arm, and drags him out. Ah, true love.

At then end of one their dates, BCJ insists that Da Lung help her with the Pink Panther dance. So the two of them do it over and over, as BCJ keeps criticizing it.

Come the day of the competition. Everyone’s there to cheer for Mo Lee when suddenly BCJ’s name gets called. Everyone goes into shock to see the thoroughly adorable BCJ show up in a bright red puffy dress. Da Lung thinks “did she do this for me?” (this chauvinistic, conceited comment won him a glare from me). The competition rolls along fine until the dance portion of the competition. Da Lung is in an obvious pickle. He doesn’t want to ruin BCJ’s act, and he gets so nervous he keeps messing up on the piano. It’s only when BCJ urges him from across the stage to play that he even begins. Once it’s BCJ’s turn to dance, she grabs DL from the audience and pulls him up to dance the Pink Panther thing with her “as practiced”. They add the opening theme to the act and dance to that, too. Xue Zhang (who’s a judge) can tell by now that the two of them are together by the little impish grins and whatnot. What I love about XZ is that he’s not stupid.

Once BCJ’s named the winner, she runs over to hug XZ. Here’s what I don’t get: it looks like she sabotoged Mo Lee’s appearance, she’s obviously friends with one of the judges, and she’s not disqualified?? Where’s the justice? And why didn’t we get to hear the singing part of the competition?

XZ had promised BCJ a present if she won, and by his weirdness, we know he’s going to confess and kiss her. But now, seeing the two of them together, DL runs up and drags BCJ away.  XZ follows them later, and sees them kiss. So when BCJ asks for her present, he kinda stalls and whatnot.

He asks the three of them to dinner and when BCJ’s in the bathroom, he tells DL that he’s more or less giving her up because she obviously loved DL. And he’s the adorable part: he more or less says “I hate you for stealing her and I’m only going to say this once =, so pay attention. When BCJ’s upset, she goes out to eat ice cream: XXX flavor. Sometimes she’ll tell you to leave her alone, but really that’s when she most needs you…” It made me so sad!!!! I never used to feel bad for the 2nd male lead because I always felt like the OTP was an OTP. If she doesn’t love him, they shouldn’t be together. But lately I’ve been more like “I can see these two coming together, but I guess is won’t work.” I just go with the flow so that I like the ending. Xue Zhang leaves and when BCJ comes out she asks if he said anything. DL shakes his head. “He said his flight leaves early tomorrow and not to see him off.” WAAAAAH!!!!!! XUE ZHANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Commence the best way to pass time ever shown in a drama. I swear, I’ve never seen it done as beautifully as here. Instead of the dry, predicatble “3 years later,” the theme song plays, and we see DL and BCJ dancing in the rain to it (kinda), interwoven with scenes of the years passing. It’s just so perfect!!

We stop on a winter night. DL and BCJ are walking along holding hands, when DL tells her to close her eyes. She does and is soon directed to a beautifully lighted tree. Nestled in the crook of some branches is DL’s favorite Pink Panther toy. She smiles and, in regular BCJ fashion, tells him to climb up and get it for her. He gets stuck, but does so anyway. He tells her that many times he’s told his troubles to the Pink Panther doll and says that he hopes the doll can be him whenever she needs it too. She smiles, touched, and tells him that if she ever throws away the doll, it means she’s throwing him away too.

When BCJ gets home, her mom yells at her about where she’s been. Has she been hanging out with that classmate of hers? BCJ reminds her that his name is Da Lung, saying “he’s important to me, so the least you could do is remember his name.” Here is the crux of disagreement between the mother and daughter. Mom wants BCJ to marry someone rich, so she doesn’t constantly have to be working and worrying as she gets older. “Look at me,” Mom says “I married your dad regardless of rank, thinking that if I was rich it would be okay, but he’s done nothing but bring me debt. I’ve had to worry my life away, and I don’t want you to have to do the same. Your father and I–we’re getting a divorce.” BCJ is shocked. Personally, I think Mom has good reasons for wanting BCJ to marry rich, but still, it’s BCJ’s life.

BCJ gets really upset about the whole business, and next time DL sees her, she eating ice cream angrily. She refuses to tell DL what th problem is, asking instead what he would do if she dumped him because of his poorness. “I would hate you forever!” Declares DL in his most serious face. But then he laughs. “Of course not! BCJ would never treat me like that! You’ve been with me for three years and I’ve been poor this whole time!” BCJ tells him about her mom’s plans to marry her off. DL asks if she’d be happier married to a rich man. This upsets BCJ (remember that anyone’s lack of trust in her bothers her a lot) and she yells that she would, saying that it’s his fault since he isn’t rich that she has to go through this.

The next day is BCJ’s birthday, and her mom gives her an ultimatum to break things off with DL the next day, because they will be moving due to the divorce. I don’t think Mom even remembers the fact that it’s her birthday… BCJ is upset and at 12 exactly, she gets a call from DL. “Am I the first person to wish you happy birthday?” he asks. (so cute!!) She smiles and says yes. He says he wants to meet her by the ferris wheel (where they had their first kiss, if you recall), because he has something he wants to tell her. She says she has something important to say too, and they both hang up.

DL, you see, has gone ring shopping. He wants to confess to BCJ admit that he’s really rich by proposing with a really expensive ring. When he gets back to his hotel room, he finds Da Jie and Er Jie in his room. Telling them he’s met a girl and wants to propose, DL runs out to meet BCJ. Da Jie is shocked and wants to meet the girl first, but Er Jie is more trusting of DL’s judgement.

BCJ leaves a note for her mom saying that she was right, she’ll break off with Da Lung, and move to England to get married as her mom wants. But as she runs out to meet Da Lung in the rain her thoughts betray the fact that she’s only doing this to placate her mom. I don’t think she has any intention of breaking things off with him at all. Unfortunately, in the rain, she runs out into the street and gets hit by a car.

As she lies there unconscious, her phone rings. She’s late, and Da Lung is trying to call her. Even as she falls asleep, she tries to pick up the phone, Da Lung’s name echoing in her thoughts.

The one thing I love about this drama is it has this great way of making the plot line flow. The time-warp made sense and was done in a rather sophisticated manner, and the following story line is a great way to pull the two main leads apart without having to stretch the story-line to accommodate a 6-foot elephant or something equally ridiculous. Even the fact that she gets hit by a car is realistic. It’s raining cats and dogs, and I barely saw the car in the middle of the mist.

BCJ goes to the hospital unconscious, and Da Lung is left to wonder where she is. He waits forever, finally going back to his room and declaring himself stood up, sobbing into Da Jie’s arms. He calls her phone, but her mom picks up and tells him that she went to England to get married. See what I mean? You can’t blame anyone for this but Mom, and it makes perfect sense that that little devil would do this. Boy, do I hate her right about now.

He doesn’t believe she would leave like that and waits and waits. But BCJ doesn’t come back to school (She’s still in the hospital. At one point she becomes vaguely conscious and crawls out of the room going ‘Da Lung. Da Lung.’) He waits until graduation day. Mo Lee tells him he’s become a victim, but Er Jie tells him not to give up until he finds out the truth. So he goes to BCJ’s house.

His mom tells him once and for all that BCJ is not home, that she’s in England, happily married to a millionaire, and can he please leave her alone. She even allows him to come inside and look for her. Obviously, she’s still at hospital. Damn mother!!!! To rub salt in the wounds, Mom shows DL the letter. The gosh-darned letter who’s only purpose was to placate the mom (IMO)!!!!! See? It makes sense that this would happen. As DL leaves, broken and upset, he sees a bunch of trash outside the door. And with it, his Pink Panther doll. Recalling their conversation about “if I ditch the doll I ditch you”, he leaves.

Part II>>


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