Hi My Sweetheart Episodes 4-8 part II

by staples

I thought that doll was a good place to leave off.

When BCJ finally wakes up again, she asks her mom about Da Lung. Mom tells her all about the England business and when Bai Chu Jie gets upset about it, Mom yells too. “Everything I’ve done for you is your own good!” She yells. But Bai Chu Jie is tired of this.

As we see BCJ and her mom come back to there home, we notice that BCJ is wearing an enormous cap. Her hair was probably shaved in order to do some kind of brain surgery. See? This drama is getting really good about the details. We didn’t even have to deal with any hospital drama! (Amnesia, anyone?)

She sees the Pink Panther doll sitting outside the door with a bunch of trash and kneels beside it, crying. She picks it up and takes it with her.

Time passes, though we don’t know how much, and we see that Da Lung has resumed the identity of Hseu Hai. Hseu Hai is a total player. Hurt by Bai Chu Jie’s “dumping” he’s turned himself into a total hunk, player, and pimp. Pimp is the perfect word to describe him with. Who else would wear a totally white suit with a magenta silk shit unbuttoned half-way down the chest. Complete with orange hair and side bangs.

BCJ is now the host of a radio show known as “Sweetheart Time.” Every session, she ends telling the world that she’s looking for “Ugly Mushroom Head” (which sounds a lot better, if not musical and poetic, in Mandarin) and if he hears this to please contact her. Apparently, she’s been doing this for the past 3 years. Xue Zhang got her her own apartment when she returned to Taiwan to escape from her mom, and has accompanied her to every corner of the place as she searched for Da Lung. Such a sweet guy. Finally, he tells her that she needs to give up the past, and look at what’s in front of her. She agrees, and that night puts the Pink Panther doll and photo of her and DL away in a box.

The next day the session doesn’t contain anything about the Ugly Mushroom Head. Which sucks, considering Da Lung  Hseu Hai was actually listening. It seems that Er Jie is a bit of a player herself, and her latest ex-boyfriend is intent to win her back. He confesses to her via Sweetheart Time, and Hseu Hai is responsible for making sure she listen. When he hears BCJ’s voice, he freezes, recognizing it anywhere. So what does he do? He decides to win her over and dump her unceremoniously.

And step 1 in this master plan involves buying the entire radio station. That’s right. The whole station. He calls her into his office, and she recognizes his face immediately. Instead of clearing everything up, Hseu Hai insists that he isn’t this “Da Lung” guy and acts like a complete jerk. Not to be deterred, BCJ asks the secretary upon leaving what their new boss’s name is. The answer, unfortunately, is “Hseu Hai.”

Hseu Hai tries all sorts of tricks to get into BCJ’s good books. But she’s not like all the other girls. She gets annoyed with the expensive diamond necklace he presents her, saying he could have fed a poor country instead. This confuses him, didn’t she say she liked rich guys? Isn’t that why she dumped him, and her previous ex-boyfriend too? Next, she dumps the gabajillion bouquets he gets delivered to her workplace in the trash. Has he no decency? Isn’t pursuing your employee so obviously kinda lame?

Meanwhile, the very annoying Da Jie is trying to figure out exactly which girl Hseu Hai bought the station to pursue (a fact HH had accidently let slip during a “why don’t you find a nice girl and settle down” argument). She finds out that HH enjoys listening to “Sweetheart Time” or whatever and decides to find out what this girl is like. Catching her berating her secretary for not doing something correctly, Da Jie decides that BCJ is not suited for her brother, and sets about planning to destroy any hopes BCJ has in that sense.

HH invites all the staff to a party at his place. BCJ arrives beautifully dressed on Ho Yen Fen (aka Xue Zhang)’s arm. Their friends from the ice cream store are there, serving ice cream. A rude, drunk idiot (the CEO of a company that advertises heavily on the station) attempts to make BCJ dance with him, despite her refusal. He starts getting out of line, causing XZ to punch him. Hseu Hai, who was about to do the same, coldly tells the guy to leave.

This causes the man to pull all advertising from the station. BCJ wants to just leave the station, since she can barely stand Hseu Hai, but XZ doesn’t want her to. He wants her to find the strength to face HH, who looks just like Da Lung, and not feel anything before she truly begins to go out with him. This is one of the many reasons I love XZ.

Instead, XZ takes Bai Chu Jie to a meeting. We see the CEO enter a cafe thinking about how Xue Zhang is probably going to beg, blah blah blah, but when he gets to his table, he finds Xuezhang, BCJ, and…his wife!  Xuezhang, it seems, has told the wife everything-except for the fact that her husband was the rude, drunken idiot who pulled the advertising due to his embarrassment. In order to save face in front of his wife (it’s apparently a wide-known fact that he’s scared of her), he says that he’ll properly deal with that person and reinstate the advertising. hehehe.

HH continues bothering BCJ, even showing up at her house. When he slips and falls, she decides to bring him inside. In his sleepy stupor he calls out “Bai Chu Jie! Why do I love you so much? Hm? Bai Chu Jie.” Shocked, since the only one to call her that is Da Lung, she asks him what he was calling her BCJ for the next morning. He just says it’s because she looked so old she might as well have been his sister. And she buys that lame excuse?

Er Jie knows who Bai Chu Jie is, as she weazled it out of Hseu Hai, but Da Jie doesn’t. Seeing as HH didn’t come home that night, the two assume he was at BCJ’s house, and that they did you-know-what. Da Jie invites BCJ over for lunch (or rather, forces her over), but Er Jie tells her not to mention HH’s college life. “If BCJ knows about him being bullied by his previous girlfriend, she’ll bully him too.” Da Jie accepts this excuse, meaning that it will take some time for BCJ to learn the truth.

Da Jie acts like a real prick during the lunch, causing BCJ to leave semi-politely in the middle of it. You can tell that Er Jie really likes the way BCJ handles herself.

In order to prevent more encounters with Da Jie and to keep HH away once and for all, BCJ tells Hseu Hai she’s going out with Xuezhang. Xuezhang knows she’s only saying it for HH’s benefit, and admits as much, but he doesn’t really mind. Meanwhile, HH turns to Er Jie for advice, and Er Jie tells him to try a subtle method to get BCJ interested in him. Sometimes act nicely to her, sometimes coldly. You have to admit, that works in real life, too. It makes the person wonder “What the frick is up with this guy?”

Then, XZ shows up at the studio, opening a gift-box-like thing to reveal a bunch of fortune cookies. “Take one,” he tells BCJ. She protests but does so, surprised when a slip of paper falls out after a bite. “Go for vacation” the paper says. XZ grins widely. “Let’s go,” he says, grabbing her hand and running out of the room. I have to wonder if every cookie says “go for vacation” on it. Regardless, how cute is Xuezhang?

Word of this news reaches DL, and he calls Er Jie. She tells him to get one of his little female toys to go on vacation to the same place with him. He picks Christina, this real dolt of a chick, who’s played by an actress nicknamed “Chocolate.” They reach the hotel early, due to HH’s ridiculous driving skills. (A note to any guy who’s reading this: driving like that is not impressive. It’s stupid. I’m amazed he hasn’t crashed yet). It’s not normal ridiculous driving skills, mind you. It’s “I just made a frigging 90-degree turn without slowing down so the tail end of my car just flew out into the lane going in the opposite directions. It’s amazing I’m still alive” driving. The first thought that went through my head was “God, that’s bad for the breaks.”

So he gets there early and books all the double rooms. His plan is almost thwarted when XZ says “I guess we’ll just share a single,” but it turns out he was joking.

Next, HH invites the couple to hang out with him and Christina, asking XZ what he wants to drink. He goes to order them and slips laxative into XZ’s drink, thinking of how embarrassed he’ll be in front of BCJ. hehehe. He ends up drinking that glass instead.

Xuezhang behaves amazingly, giving BCJ a gift of the watch that she had been accused of stealing, saying that the best way to get over something is to face it. He wants her to do the same for Hseu Hai. What’s sweet about XZ is that he told her earlier that if it was really Da Lung, he wouldn’t have minded losing, but it’s not fair if he loses to someone who just looks like him. Do they have nothing between them at all? He’s just so amazing!

The next day the group of four head to the river, where Hsue Hai falls in, again. But instead of BCJ doing CPR, XZ pushes her out of th way and does it himself. Just like before, Hseu Hai complains about being kissed. Then, he challenges XZ to a battle on jetskis. The two jetski towards each other and the first one to swerve away loses. Hseu Hai loses! 🙂

When the two get out of the water, BCJ runs up and yells at XZ, telling him how worried she was. “Would you have been worried?” He asks. “Of course!” she yells back, causing XZ to hug her, and HH to walk off in disgust.

Later at the hotel, HH challenges XZ to a drinking contest, but he says he’s not interested. Annoyed, BCJ suggests they all play a drinking game. Causing both BCJ and HH to get really drunk.


I love the realism in this drama. The level of ridiculous magical realism takes a nose-dive to nothingness. Only the occasional cat-shadow behind BCJ remains (which I loved anyway). In addition, the reason the two break-up makes total sense. This isn’t like one of those couple splitting arguments that make no sense.  *cough*Why Why Love, You’re Beautiful, almost every drama in existence*cough* Instead of one couple being selfish, or trying to hide a life-threatening disease, or “I saw you kissing another man and never thought to clear up the fact that it was your brother”, it makes total sense. I can’t see it happening any other way. And giving Da Lung up after 3 years makes sense, too. Though having Da Lung listen to her radio show the day after she gives up looking for him depresses me. That’s just plain mean, writers. But since their breakup was so spectacular, I’ll forgive you.

Another thing I liked was that at some point, BCJ has this flashback of her relationship with Da Lung. But instead of focusing just on the scenes in the early episodes, they added some scenes from the “3 years are passing” dance, which was clever.

I also love Er Jie’s character. She understands everything that’s going on and doesn’t try to get involved in anything, except to help her younger brother. When she first meets BCJ at the party ( I didn’t talk about this part in the summary), she seems to understand her completely, and I feel like she already knows Hseu Hai will fall in love with her again, and that the two will end up together.

Episode 9>>


3 Responses to “Hi My Sweetheart Episodes 4-8 part II”

  1. haha your coughs are funny. XD i agree about Er Jie, but i don’t like her completely.

    • thanks 🙂

      I like Er Jie mainly because she seems to be wiser and above everything. I hate the stupid cliche where family gets over-involved in relationships. (like PS Man. that was just down-right ridiculous. and then at the end of the drama, their opinion didn’t even matter any more!) But the way Er Jie just goes along with it and watches is pretty cool. Though she should just help them get together and be happy at the end! 😀


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