[Update:release date!] Nicholas Teo in a New Drama!

by staples

[UPDATE]: According to CpopAccess’s article (linked below), The drama is scheduled to premiere on Sunday September 19th at 10 pm. Any guesses as to when Viikii will be done translating it?

That’s right folks! Nicholas Teo, the star of the wonderful, adorable, Smiling Pasta and Invincible Shan Bao Mei (which I have yet to finish-darn slow fansubbers), is going to be in a new drama come September!

CpopAccess recently came out with an article talking about Teo’s return to the small screen. Apparently the show will be starring Nicholas Teo (張棟樑), Hsiu Chieh Kai (修杰楷), Lee Kang Yi (李康宜) and Cynthia Wang (王心如). When I first saw Cynthia’s name, I thought “yay! Cyndi Wang and Nicholas Teo again!” but it’s not…it’s Cynthia.

I’m currently working on getting the details down, but it seems that Nicholas’s character is a wealthy guy surrounded by girls because “he can’t say no.” Aww, what  a sweetie 🙂

I’m working on translating the press release as we speak, so I’ll have more details on the plot line ASAP.


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