Park Shin Hye in a Taiwanese Drama!

by staples

George HuPark Shin Hye

That’s right, everyone! Park Shin Hye is going to be co-starring with George Hu in GTV‘s upcoming drama: an adaptation of the manga “Hayate the Combat Butler” (旋風管家). Okay, just looking at the title you’ve got me sold. The manga’s genre is,to quote Wikipedia “romantic comedy, parody” which sounds right up PSH’s alley. I can already imagine the probably bumbling naive mistress constantly saved by her apparently “all-purpose combat butler”. Though, I swear, if she’s really stupid, I’m going to reach through the frigekin’ computer screen and personally shake the necks of the writers and everyone who said “aw, look, another stupid, naive female lead who can’t even go to the bathroom by herself.” I couldn’t watch past the 3rd episode of Down with Love because of that. Grow a spine you bumbling, apologetic doormat!!!!

Anyway, according to CpopAccess, GTV is paying for pretty much every step PSH, her manager, and her assistant are taking: from the flight, to the hotel, to meals for the two months they’ll be filming. She’s also bringing along her own personal hair stylist and makeup artist. That’s an interesting idea. Does she have special skin? Is there a difference between makeup for the Korean face vs. the Taiwanese one? Or is she just being picky/the management wants her to be comfortable?

As for George Hu, CpopAccess has him training ridiculously hard for the role: studying martial arts, dancing, singing, and the ability to do house chores. Though apparently he’s good at the whole cleaning thing, and can even cook a little. Hm…someone get some smelling salts for the 500 women who just fainted. Their significant others are going to have a rough day.

Since PSH can’t speak Mandarin, I’m concerned as to whether they’ll be dubbing her voice, and if that will affect the on-screen chemistry and/or acting skills.


4 Comments to “Park Shin Hye in a Taiwanese Drama!”

  1. omg park shin hye in a korean-taiwanese coproduction?! George Hu is quite meh though :/ The title reminds me a little of Mei-chan no Shitsuji haha anws i’ll be looking out for this! 😀

    • Really? I’ve only seen him in part of ToGetHer, and he played the innocent part quite well. He didn’t look it, though. haha. It was so weird to see this big, obviously buff guy dressed like that.

      It does doesn’t it? In fact, the story lines sound somewhat similar, too.

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