Wu Chun and Rainie Yang in Upcoming Drama!

by staples

My friend is an enormous Wu Chun fan (aren’t we all? hehehe) and I love Rainie Yang, so it looks like this is one drama we can both spazz about! According to CpopAccess, the two stars are leading in the upcoming drama Sunshine Angel 陽光天使. The story involves Wu Chun, a second generation entrepreneur (I think that usually reads: “rich boy who lives off his entrepreneur daddy”), who goes bankrupt and ends up living on the streets. Rainie plays a kind hearted, happy, bubbly maid who will undoubtedly change the attitude of this rich and pampered pauper. Seems extremely cliche, but I just finished watching Coffee House, so a bit of clichedness is welcome.

Now this is according to dramawiki, so it’s up to you to believe it, but apparently GTV is not adapting it, but following straight from the “manga/novel.” This part is what confuses me. Darling, it’s either a manga or a novel. It can’t be both. And if it’s a manga, do you really expect them to follow the story-line? All (heaven forbid) 300 volumes of it? This piece of trivia has popped up on asianfanaticsforum and other sites, but I’m still not too sure. For starters, no google search has coughed up such a novel/manga.

The show was filmed in May 2010 and will be released sometime in 2011. Apparently, it will be starring Wu Chun, Rainie Yang, Genie Zhou and George Hu. Interesting, especially considering that Hu is currently filming for the Taiwanese version of Hayate the Combat Butler with Park Shin Hye… Sometimes the schedules of these actors surprise and alarm me.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to it, and any news you guys have would be greatly appreciated 🙂

3 Comments to “Wu Chun and Rainie Yang in Upcoming Drama!”

  1. I just came across news of this drama when i googled chinese star Zhang Jun Ning who’s playing the second male lead! I’ve not watched him in anything yet but this guy has sculpted good looks and apparently he’s damn hot in China now! hahah shall look forward to the interesting dynamics in this drama.

    if you understand chinese, maybe you can check out this page? 🙂

    • I don’t know chinese, but I’ve heard Zhang Jun Ning is relatively new. haha, yeah, the dynamics should be [i]very[/i] interesting. There was this article on CpopAccess on how Rainie and Wu Chun were getting along really well on the set and how in one scene she had to slap him and didn’t hold back. haha. I can’t wait for this.

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