The Wallflower Episode 1

by staples

The landscape is a barren blizzard. A lone 20-something year-old boy stumbles through the snow, an older woman’s words echoing through his ears. “Kyohei, if you hate the you others make a fuss about, why not find the you that you like?”

The scene fades to a restaurant. The same boy is washing dishes while woman from a table nearby pull of the equivalent of cat-calling. He clenches his fists, trying to control his anger as his boss tells him to go be nice to the customers. He has such great assets (grabs our hero’s butt and strokes it a couple times), why doesn’t he go use it? I shudder at the awkwardness of the scene. Meanwhile, a waitress tries to get the girls to shut up and give their order, but they refuse, ordering “that boy to go, please.” Finally, he can’t take it. He goes over and smashes the table in two with his fist.


The sick manager runs over to solve the problem, but our hero gives him a well-deserved punch in the face. “You’re fired!” The manager yells, but the boy whips his apron off without turning around and heads out the door.


Meet our hero, Kyohei. As he walks off and unties his hair, (but it looked so good tied… *sniffle*) we see a girl taking pictures of him from behind the restaurant glass, and a small feminine hand snags his apron and begins to sniff it. O…kay, then.

Now we get the background info. See this small boy?


Yes, the adorable one. This is Takano, the self-proclaimed housekeeper of his mom’s mansion. His mom is apparently gallivanting the world looking for a Papa for him. He says that there are four gorgeous guys living at his house. We switch to cafeteria setting to meet all of them. I love this scene because it’s a cafeteria of a couple hundred people and all of them simultaneously open their issue of what must be “Hot Guys on Campus Digest” and promptly begin squealing with glee. It’s really funny to watch.

First of is Takano Kyohei


With a “perfect face and body” but a feisty temper and mad fighting skills, he is voted the “#1 guy you most want to freeze and admire for life.” haha, gotta love their polls.


Oda Takenaga, intelligent as well athletic, this heir to some prestigious flower-arranging family is voted “#1 guy you’d want to peek at in the bath.”


Toyama Yukinojo, the kind, adorable, cute-as-a-puppy kid is voted “#1 guy you’d want to snuggle up to.” Personally, I love that grandma that’s walking with him. The look of adoration on her face is adorable.


Morii Ranmaru, the master of the distinguished Morii Group, is a known player. Dude, the woman in his arms is at least 35! He is voted “#1 guy to be seduced by.” And by the looks of it, he seems to be the one most willing to comply with his poll results. Hot Guys Digest goes on to say that all 4 are living at a mansion together. What paradise! Though the magazine estimates the rent to be 300,000 yen, it’s apparently only 50,000.


Noi-chan is a friend of all four boys and they all know she has a crush on Takenaga. Takenaga, though completely reasonable and amazing in all other aspects, seems to either be completely oblivious to her crush or doesn’t want to mess up the relationship they have by mentioning anything. There’s something going on between them, and while Noi obviously wants more, Takenaga doesn’t seem ready to take it to the next step.


This is Oba-chan (the name means “aunt” and that’s what the boys call her). She is the landlady of the mansion. This time she is off to Dubai to find a rich hubby. She tells them she plans on closing down the boarding house, and while the others flip out, Takenaga is calm. “What’s your condition?” He asks. “Knowing you, you must have some conditions.” She says that they must turn her niece, who is from Hokkaido, into a proper Japanese lady. She slowly manipulates each of them: saying that the poor girl is friendless (Yukinojo is hooked) and that the beautiful guys of the mansion (Ranmaru is on board) are her only hope. Besides, she had hoped a female relative would be good for Takeru (Takeru smiles). Takenaga, it seems, doesn’t really care about all the hullaballoo, but is willing to do it for Takeru’s sake. Kyohei keeps shaking his head until Oba-chan says “Well, I’d waive your rent if you succeed.” His frown turns upside down and he says “Of course we’ll do it, Oba-chan.”

They aren’t so confident once the lights suddenly go out and the wind starts howling. A lone, creepy figure smashes up against the window of the balcony.


Meet Sunako, the niece they are supposed to turn into a lady. She is not too pleased to see them either. She runs to her gloomy room and shuts the door. The room is dimly lit with candles. Her bed is a coffin and 2 anatomical models and a skeleton stand by the window. As she huddles and tries to calm herself, a horror film plays on the TV screen behind her. She knew her new housemates were going to be men, but they weren’t supposed to be so…gorgeous. She can’t live with such “dazzling/bright” creatures! She’ll melt if she looks at them for more than three seconds. Meanwhile, the adorable Takano comes to see her with some chocolate. “You like chocolate, don’t you? Don’t work Sunako-chan, I’ll protect you.” Awww! So cute! Then Takeru’s stomach grumbles and they look at each other.

Meanwhile, we must meet the three creepers: Hiroshi-kun, Akira-kun, and Josephine

image imageimage

Hiroshi-kun is the most important, so remember that face.

Kyohei, who we learn is a foodie, has his head on the table, too hungry to think straight. He heads to the kitchen but recoils when he sees a hooded figure standing by the sink holding a bloodied knife.


Sunako is cooking. She flips the knife in the air, catches it, and proceeds to clean the fish, chop it, and throw it. The individual pieces align themselves perfectly on the plate. Kyohei is in shock.

The table is soon filled with food and though the boys are concerned as to its edibility, it proves to be delicious. Kyohei is the most vocal in his praise of the food causing Sunako (hiding behind a corner) to this that surprisingly, he isn’t that bad. Kyohei, now filled with strength, creates a trail of creepy goods (like a skull and a rubber bloody hand, etc) and then throws a net over Sunako.


Haha. I find that adorable. It reminds me of the capturing of Thing One and Thing Two in The Cat in the Hat. He proceeds to tie her up in a chair and brings out some scissors to cut her bangs. (Notice that while Ranmaru and Yukinojo are helping with the scheme, Takenaga is reading a book on a sofa nearby, just watching them be stupid with concern.) When Sunako sees his face, she suddenly moans “too bright” (aka “mabushiiiii”) and head-butts him to the floor. Though some may find this ridiculous, I say its marked improvement from the nosebleeds she was prone to in the manga.

Sunako stands up in annoyance, causing the boys to back off. When Kyohei comments on her ugly personality, she begins to whimper. He, in his feisty temper, says that she is “busu” (ugly woman”) and that she isn’t Sunako, she’s Busunako. He yells this at her, screaming “Busunako” over and over again as her screams get louder and more shrill and electricity racks the entire house. With superhuman strength she tears the ropes off her, spread her arms wide and screams at the boys. The electricity storm had already got them on the floor and the screams make them cower in fear. She swishes her cape around her like Beast from Beauty and the Beast and stalks off. While the other boys are all “what the?”, Takenaga understands.

“So it’s her face,” he marvels. “She has a complex about her face.” This explains the long bangs covering her visage, and Sunako further supports this conclusion by looking into a mirror, then smashing it. Does this remind anyone else of Beauty and the Beast?

Kyohei and Takenaga go to a café and continue discussing the issue. Here we meet the man I will call “Meikyurii” because that’s the name of his café and  no one mentions his actual name.


Meikyurii and Kyohei have this really funny relationship. Kyohei always pores out his trouble to him. But since he’s constantly broke, he orders water instead of actual coffee. This always causes them to break out into random pseudo-fistfights over the counter. This time it’s because Kyohei tries to steal Takenaga’s fortune cookies. Takenaga looks at them in incredulous concern, mutters a “Kyohei, I’ll leave first…”, and speed-walks to the exit.

In the middle of the fight, Meikyurii suddenly grabs both of Kyohei’s fists and says “The girl must have deep-seated issues.” Kyohei sits down to ponder this. “In life, it’s easy to get lost in a maze. You have to stand by her and support her until she finds her way out.”

On the way home, Kyohei runs into the waitress from the restaurant before. The one who couldn’t handle the girls at the table the day Kyohei got fired/quit. We get a hint she might be a stalker when he realizes he no longer has his jacket and she says “Maybe you left it at that café?” He turns to her in surprise and she says she saw him when she was a at a bar across the street. It’s not like she was stalking him or anything… He takes her words for face value and says he knows she wouldn’t do that. He hears the clicking noise of someone taking pictures, but when he runs to see, there’s no one there. Creepy…

Meanwhile, Sunako is in Takeru’s room, wondering if she’ll really be able to stay there. She hasn’t said anything out loud, but a sleeping Takeru mumbles that he’ll protect her. Across the ocean, a sleeping Oba-chan remembers how, when she was mourning her husbands death, Takeru promised to protect her. A single tear trickles down her cheek.

The next morning, Kyohei is shaken awake by Takeru. Sunako, apparently, is missing. Kyohei is willing to dismiss it, but Takenaga says the police saw a suspicious-looking woman forcing her into a taxi.

Kyohei says that no one would kidnap that horror girl, but Takenaga brings up a good point. Doesn’t Kyohei have some weird, potentially dangerous stalkers? Kyohei pauses for a minute, then with a yell remembers the sound of a camera clicking behind him. Meanwhile, Ranmaru gleans out of the police chief’s wife that the taxi went to an airport and the flight was going to Hokkaido. Kyohei immediately decides to head out to Hokkaido. When the others marvel at his compassion, he scoffs, saying there’s no way he’d let his free rent go for some creepy stalker. I warrant he feels the slightest bit of guilt for his stalker kidnapping Sunako, though.

He runs towards the door, only to run back and say with a totally blank expression. “I only have 20 yen.” Everyone just stares at him like “you loser *facepalm*” Then Takeru grabs his hand and drags him towards the exit. “I have some change. Let’s go!”

This is how Takeru and Kyohei wind up in the snow-filled plains of Hokkaido. A young girl takes them in and as she leaves to get some tea, Kyohei begins looking around the place. He bumps into a tin can, spilling the contents. As he kneels to pick them up, he realizes they are all pictures of him. bum bum BUM! Then, he hears the clicking sound from behind the door. He throws it open to see the girl taking pictures of him. She decides that since she’s caught, she’ll take a bunch for the last time. He chases her around the place, wrestling the camera away, only to get beaned in the back of the head by Sunako with a log. “What are you doing to Yuki-chan?” She asks.

It turns out that Yuki-chan is Sunako-chan’s elementary school friend. She came to see Sunako and ask her to come to Hokkaido for a while. “Still,” says Kyohei, “you should have told us before you left.” Sunako looks surprised. “I did.” she says.

Cut to Takenaga back at home. He didn’t want Sunako-chan to go alone, he explains to the other boys, but he knew Kyohei would kick up a fuss about going. So he tricked him into going as well! Haha! I love Takenaga for this! Ordinarily, I would find his view that a girl can’t go alone as sexist, but considering that Sunako has difficulty going out on the gloomiest of days, let alone in a place where the snow shines brighter than the sun, his concern is justified.

Cut back to Kyohei, who realizes what had happen. “Damn you, Takenaga!” He mutters. Then he asks about the creepy stalker photos. Yuki-chan, it seems, sells them for money. Her boyfriend, apparently, is working hard to make his dream come true, and she wants to help him. At that moment, a call from her boyfriend comes, asking if she’s transferred the money over. Kyohei scoffs and says that it’s a scam, not love. He gets Ranmaru, Takenaga and Yukinojo on the phone to agree with him. Yuki-chan yells that her bf loves her, he’s not a fraud! and runs out into the now blizzarding snow. Sunako-chan runs after her, and Kyohei just lies down. Takeru tells him to follow them: a gentleman runs after the woman when she runs out. Kyohei doesn’t want to, but Takeru insists. This is how he ends up in the blizzard we saw in the beginning of the episode, Oba-chan’s words echoing through his ears.

(to be continued in part II…)

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  1. Seen this all the time i love Hiroshi-kun i have a skull name Hiroshi-kun too i will die with out him some people say that i looked like Sunako-chan at first i didn’t know how was Sunako-chan sins they show me “Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge” and i stared seeing this drama aver sins.


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