Guess What I Found?

by staples

It’s been a while since I last posted, simply because I haven’t watched any dramas in a long time. I’ve been trying to hold off in an effort to get college stuff done. But, instead of watching dramas, I found something else to waste my time on: online stories!

Yes, they’re as badly written as a Tellitubbies script on toilet paper, but some are okay! And they’re like drama replacements without the necessary video. There are two sites that I read online stories on: Quizilla and I’ll give you a list of some of my favorites from each.


This site is hosted by teennick. Does that give you a clue as to its quality? Take a bunch of teenage girls, many obsessed with Twilight, the other half obsessed with Emo/Scene guys and you get quizilla. Still, there are some addictive stories, and a couple with are actually well written.

I Asked for a Dog. My Father Brought Home a Criminal

Probably the best written story up there from a purely artistic standpoint. It’s a story that’s masterfully told: you know something’s wrong with the family in the beginning, but you’re not entirely sure what it is. Then slowly but beautifully everything falls into place. And you end the story shocked at the beauty of what just occurred. It could be, though, that I was just amazed at the quality compared to other stories up there. The tone is very confusing at first, but that is necessary for the telling of the story from Linda’sview point. I would definitely give this one a try if you liked Speak by Luise Hale Anderson. (Which was translated into Chinese as “I No Longer Keep Quiet (我不再沉默)” Isn’t that cool?)

Click Here to Begin Your Virtual Fairytale…Pfft, Yeah Right!

Virtual Fairytale is a slice of cheesecake. Rich and well-written, but at the end of the day there’s no nutrition involved.  An innocent story about a girl who finds herself in the most interesting of love triangles… (It’s level of romance would equal like Smiling Pasta or something).

The Playlist

This is written by one of my favorite quizilla writers: Mitzi7. I’m currently reading this and “Badass Boys Should Stick to Badass Girls” by her. The Playlist is about a couple that breaks up due to the boy’s inability to stand up to his parents. Of course, the girl doesn’t know that. She thinks he just hates her. This is what makes me go red yelling at the screen “TAKE HIM BACK, DAMMIT!!!!” Regardless, when they were still together, they each made a playlist on their iPods with songs that reminded them of the other. In an effort to get back together with her (I guess, or maybe he’s just missing her ridiculously) the guy says he wants her to listen to his and asks if she’ll let him listen to hers. It’s a sweet and adorable story, and I love how the mom is desperately trying to push them back together.

You are not a Damsel in Distress

A fun and ridiculous story, this is definitely written by someone who watches too many Korean dramas. But the cool(ish) part is that the story is written from your point of view. Your name is Joey Carpenter and an accident in registration leads to you sharing a room with a guy at your boarding school. What’s that you say? Yes, people, it’s “forced cohabitation”, drama cliche number 3! Anyway, it’s cute and fun, and in my opinion has better character development than some of the other stories out there which make the player suddenly fall in love with someone in a couple measly couple chapters.

This site is used more by serious writers who care about the quality of their art more than the fun of creating a fun romantic dreamscape.

A Long Way From Home

It’s about a girl named Layla who gets kidnapped and decides to take her future into her own hands. I don’t really feel comfortable talking more about it because, well, I wrote it! So I’m hoping some of you guys look it over :)

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