So, what is this place? Well, I watch a lot of dramas, and I love cutting them apart and analyzing them, too. But it’s no fun doing that alone or in my head, so, voilà! Here I can rant about dramas, or other things that come to mind. Plus, I can put my attempt to learn Chinese Mandarin on the World Wide Web so that I can get public scolding to put me back on track ; )

Anyhow, enjoy!

10 Comments to “About”

  1. Thank you for the page. It was very informative!

    Much Love

  2. I wish all blogs had about pages; gives you a feel who they really are and makes them feel less computer generated and random. lol cool! it’s nice to meet you staples. Thank you so much for leaving a comment on our blog. ❤ very much appreciated.
    We used to have drama reviews but then we moved so I am sorry!! i know that would probably interest you more than OST songs we have. Anyway I just wanted to see what your blog was about. Thanks so much again,

  3. I’m going to add you on my blogroll! I lost your site the first time I left a comment! D:

  4. Staples…I see you wanted to watch CONSPIRACY IN THE COURT the director’s cut online. I’m watching it here: http://aznv.tv/?p=d933

    You have to install one of their recommended players, but it’s worth it.

    Merry Christmas! ~;o)

  5. Hey Staples! I never got a chance to reply to all of the messages you sent me while back on my blog. I just wanted to say, thanks for the encouragement. Due in part to interesting people like you, I decided to turn my blog into a website.

    If you return to blogging, I’d love to continue the conversation about learning Chinese and watching dramas with you! ~~ Jade

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