Drama Cliches

All right, I’m starting a list of drama cliches. Go ahead and post one in the comments below (along with examples if you can) and I’ll add them to the list. The more examples a cliche has, the higher up the list I’ll eventually put it. So here goes:

  1. If you hate a guy in the beginning, you are going to love him by the end. (Goong, Smiling Pasta, WWL, Full House, My Girl, P turns into F, YB, Soulmate, PS Man)
  2. You’re best guy friend is in love with you but you are too thick to notice. (Goong, WWL, Full House, My Girl, Mei Wei Guan Xi, PF, YB, QSS)
  3. Forced cohabitation (Goong, ISWAK, DBY, WWL, Full House, YB, PS Man)
  4. The player/bad boy will meet, fall in love with, and be reformed by the innocent girl (DBY, WWL, QSS, Soulmate, PS Man)
  5. The girl is accidentally seen naked (SP, DBY, WWL, PS Man)
  6. Oops, we tripped and kissed (SP, YB-hehe. kinda)
  7. Girl gets drunk and guy carries her on his back (DBY, WWL,  My Girl, reversed in Coffee Prince)
  8. Parents dead set against the match. (My Girl, CP, MNG, YB-kinda, PS Man-BIG TIME)
  9. Fake engagement/marriage will always lead to real engagement/marriage. Unless someone dies. Of cancer. (Smiling Pasta, Full House)
  10. If you have any injury, however small, it will lead to a life threatening disease (usually cancer). Causes/Symptoms include: fuzzy eyesight, getting dizzy and nearly falling over but pretending to be fine, any type of doctor’s visit “just for a check up”, pain anywhere, scraped knees, and most importantly: paper cuts. No matter how life threatening this disease is, however, it will always lead you to try to push the ones you love away from you so that they “don’t get hurt.” Oh, suck it up, you unrealistic morons. (I don’t watch these kinds of dramas, but WWL does this a bit)
  11. You and your loved one will playfully chase one another on beaches, streets, etc. This usually is a prelude to some Horrible Happening that threatens to push the two apart. (See #10) (Goong)
  12. Relatives somehow happen to have the exact same taste in girls, even if they are thoroughly unlike each other in every other way. (Goong, My Girl)
  13. You can make a U-turn whenever and where-ever you want. even on a one-way street.
  14. There is no such thing as walking. Unless you are carrying a drunk person on your back.
  15. If you fell in love at, say, age FOUR, the two of you are soulmates and will find each other once again, despite all obstacles and handsome 20 year-olds that get in your way. (PS Man)
  16. It is thoroughly possible, nay, even natural to drink 7 bottles of soju in any given hour. There’s no need to bring up the fact that you can get drunk with two shots per hour. (Yamade, more or less every drama known to man)
  17. Karaoke is Asia’s Continental Pastime
  18. You cannot turn a phone off, the battery must be removed so that everyone around you knows you’re avoiding this person.
  19. One guy has the capability to kick 22 gangsta butts because either (a) he’s flippin’ amazing or (b) they all come at him one at a time. (Smiling Pasta, Yamade)
  20. And then, after a fight that nearly kills him in order to save The One He Loves, he will bleed all over the place, get medicined by aforementioned OHL, and the next day will have nothing but a bandaid on one cheek. which will disappear by the next scene change.
  21. If push comes to shove, you can always stay at a hotel for weeks at a time. (I’ve never understood this–wouldn’t that be expensive?) (YB, Hi My Sweetheart)
  22. If there’s fight over someone, one of the competitors will undoubtedly go to the US to “study” once they’ve given up.
  23. If one of the OTP leaves for another country (usually the US) within the last episode, they will return “x years later” within the last minute of the movie. And instead of meeting at the airport, they’ll randomly meet in a bus, in the supermarket, or in a taxi. Because lovers have psychic stalking powers.
  24. If your toe so much as scrapes the surface of water, you will get a life-threatening cold. I don’t care if the rest of you is covered in Alaskan seal fur. Water=cold.
  25. If you fall, twist an ankle, scrape a knee, or get a paper cut, someone will undoubtedly offer to take you to the hospital. Obviously, the hospitals there must be free. That, my dear US Senate, is called good health care.
  26. There’s no such thing as a slight drizzle or fog. There is sunshine or there is drama-rain. And by drama-rain I don’t mean the light mists that cover the garden, or even the rain that taps forcefully on your umbrella. I’m talking full on I-just-dumped-a-friggen-bucket-over-your-head rain. The ground will begin to flood slightly, umbrellas will be rendered useless, and you’ll notice with glee that the hose they’re using isn’t covering the far left corner of the screen. This type of rain is usually accompanied by a protagonist depressingly devoid of the One He Loves.

more to come as I think of them. . .

11 Responses to “Drama Cliches”

  1. Hehe! I can’t wait to see this grow! 🙂 Here’s something that may help!

  2. Haha! I love these. I remember watching this a long time ago. It’s one of the things that inspired me to start this list 🙂

    Thanks so much, by the way, I’ve added some of the cliches from the video.

  3. I accidently stumbled upon this list and feel like your a mind reader. I was seriously going to start a blog of my own revolving around the idea of an asian drama handbook (because all the dramas are so simmilar!) but you pretty much have everything listed here haha.
    There is also the need to go to the hospital for every given thing. For instance, if someone sneezes it’s like “omg, you’re sick, you should go to the hospital” Or is someone gets like the tiniest cut it’s like the end of the world.

    • omg, yes! I have to resist the urge to roll my eyes because someone will fall into a pool, and the minute they get out they sneeze and everyone goes “OMG LIFE-THREATENING COLD!!!!” And of course the idiotic: “Oh no! You got a paper cut! Do you need to go to the hospital?” Those two are definitely going on the list…

  4. I noticed that there is always a plain Jane girl that is REALLY hard working and good with her family and elders. The HOTTIE rich guy ends up liking her and she likes him then the family is dead set against them. She always teaches the guy to be a harder worker and the guy is always loves how close the family is and all their quirks.

  5. that’s true! it’s like the standard plot line of most dramas, lol

  6. when a male and a female hug each other,…later they will kiss each other..haha(i think,most of the drama’s..haha,..but not in saeguk drama huh..lol)

  7. I honestly think the clique thing is getting old. And I will never forget the blonde against the brunette for popularity., SO stupid. I also think the whole girl v girl because of boy thing sucks. Does anyone agree?
    (Sorry for Typos if their are any, I have big thumbs!)

    • Totally agree. It’s part of what’s turned me off of dramas at this point. There are some cliches that are fun and comforting (certain scenarios, for instance). But some cliches (like “it’s always going to be a story about these two types of characters”) have become really annoying.


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