Drama Ratings

Here’s a table of all the dramas I’ve watched so far in the order I’ve watched them (as the list grows, I’ll probably put it in alphabetical order.) Click on the drama name to see my review of it: I’ll add more reviews soon. Enjoy!




Times Watched

Goong Korean 7 1
Smiling Pasta Taiwanese 10 3
DBY T 8 1
Why, Why Love T 9.5 2.5
Full House K 6 1
My Girl K 8 1
Coffee Prince K 9 2.5
Miss No Good T 7 1
Mei Wei Guan Xi T 6 1
Prince Turns into Frog T 7 1
You’re Beautiful K 10 2
Que Sera Sera K 9.5 1
Soulmate K 10 1
Story of a Man K 9 1
Nobuta wo Produce Japanese 9 1
PS Man T 9 1
Coffee House K 8 1
The Wallflower J 7/10 1
I Am Legend K

6 Comments to “Drama Ratings”

  1. Smiling Pasta is my fav from your list…I’ll give 100 to this drama XD

  2. Hi!

    I watched QSS but cant seem to really ‘fall in love with it” like you and dramabeans did. I do want to try to see Soulmate someday…


    • haha. It’s definitely very different. A lot more serious than most dramas. I thought Soulmate was pretty adorable, through the format takes some getting used to. I would read my review on it before watching it to get yourself in the mood.

  3. I feel like a stalker because i’m commenting on everything…But anywayyy :
    You’re Beautiful= 10 YAY i agree
    why why love= 9.5 no (i gave up on this show because it was so bad…haha)

    • Haha. That’s okay. You’re the pleasant kind of stalker. There are some blogs out there where I’ve commented on four or five posts in a sitting. It’s rather sad…

      I think I liked Why Why Love so much because of the actors. They were all from Devil Beside You which I thought was good but too romantic. So when the same amazing actors were in a different, funnier drama, I was in heaven. Plus you’ll notice it was one of the first dramas I’d ever seen, so I was much more vested in what happened rather than going “Well, You’re Beautiful did it better” or “Gah! That’s so cliche!”

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