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December 28, 2011

Hi My Sweetheart Episode 3 Recap

by staples

Once Bai Chu Jie leaves, Da Lung’s roommates appear, teasing him about his first kiss being with BCJ. The odd thing is, they don’t ask what happened or assume the two are dating. They just take the news at face value. Is it just a girlfriend thing to want all the details?

They tell DL that he’ll have “bad luck” from now on because he’ll see her face whenever he tries to kiss someone else. In order to dispel this cure, they say, they’d better go see the three beauties at the dance club. So they pick Da Lung up (again) and carry him off. This repeated carrying would be stupid if not for Da Lung’s comment:


Now it’s just cute.

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October 31, 2010

Hi My Sweetheart Episode 9 Recap

by staples

I realized that the 4-8 part II recap had a bit of episode 9 in it as well, so I’ll start where that leaves off: Hseui Hai has challenged Xue Zhang to a drinking contest. BCJ doesn’t want him to, so HH starts picking apart the holes in their relationship. This gets BCJ all riled up and the four of them (including the idiotic Cristina) begin the game.

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September 12, 2010

Wu Chun and Rainie Yang in Upcoming Drama!

by staples

My friend is an enormous Wu Chun fan (aren’t we all? hehehe) and I love Rainie Yang, so it looks like this is one drama we can both spazz about! According to CpopAccess, the two stars are leading in the upcoming drama Sunshine Angel 陽光天使. The story involves

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August 16, 2010

Hi My Sweetheart Episodes 4-8 part II

by staples

I thought that doll was a good place to leave off.

When BCJ finally wakes up again, she asks her mom about Da Lung. Mom tells her all about the England business and when Bai Chu Jie gets upset about it, Mom yells too. “Everything I’ve done for you is your own good!” She yells. But Bai Chu Jie is tired of this.

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August 12, 2010

Hi My Sweetheart Episodes 4-8 part I

by staples

I feel terrible. I left all of you guys hanging forever! But I’m back, and instead of jumping over the episodes I already watched, I’ll give you a brief-ish summary of what’s happened so far. I have the episode 3 recap on my old computer, so it’ll be up in a bit.

Okay, so when we left off, BCJ decides that she’s going to compete in the Miss Sweetheart competition, too. She doesn’t tell Da Lung this, though.  One night, you see Da Lung finishing helping Mo Lee practice. She’s about to ask him to dinner or something when BCJ charges in, grabs him by the arm, and drags him out. Ah, true love.

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May 5, 2010

Hi My Sweetheart Episode 2 Recap

by staples


As promised, Episode 2 with screen caps!


Haha! This picture is great because it takes exactly what happened, but makes it sound completely wrong!


It begins where we left off, Bai Chu Jie telling Da Lung to leave or else she’ll do “that” to him. So Da Lung changes, and as he’s walks through the house (fully clothed), he notices something.

“If this is your house,” he asks, “Where’s your family?” (It’s obvious at this point that Bai Chu Jie is rich. Why else would she be from Taiwan and have a house here? Maybe Da Lung is assuming she moved. Then again, since he’s rich, he wouldn’t find it unusual to have multiple houses in multiple places. But still, why should her family be here? She’s from Taiwan.)

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May 1, 2010

Hi My Sweetheart Episode 1 Recap

by staples

Before the recap starts, here’s a brief summary of what this drama is supposed to be about:

Nerdy rich guy goes to school. Meets and eventually falls in love with the scariest punk-girl in school. Her mother opposes the match because the girl is rich and the rich guy hasn’t told anyone he’s rich. So, the mother creates a kind of misunderstanding in which the rich guy thinks he’s been dumped and the rich girl thinks the guy left without a word. In order to get back at her, nerdy rich guy transforms himself into not-so-nerdy rich guy and becomes her boss at a radio station in order to give her grief. Sounds interesting, right? Okay, let’s begin. . .

(and next recap will have screen caps, i promise. I was too lazy to go back and get them for this episode . . .)

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April 23, 2010

Miss No Good

by staples


Can you tell I’m a Rainie Yang fan? Her acting was good, as usual, and the plot was pretty good, too. I didn’t like the lisp they had her do and it bugged me slightly that Tang Men never realized she was’t a gold digger (though if he still likes her I suppose it’s okay, but still. . .)

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April 22, 2010

Why, Why, Love

by staples


Especially loved this one because it used the same actors from DBY but in a less romantic plot-line.

ACTORS/ACTING: just plain amazing chemistry between the actors. It was after this and DBY that I developed a soft spot for the three main leads and Michelle Chen (who plays Rainie’s best friend). I also loved the image of a hard-working, capable female lead rather than an innocent bimbo.

PLOT: Very cute and unexpected and the OMG moment was a reasonably legit one. Unlike a lot of other dramas, I didn’t forget why they couldn’t be together once the angst got under way. That’s not to say I didn’t find it a slight stretch on the “Devil” character’s part, but it was some-what understandable for drama-land. The only thing I didn’t like about this drama was the end. They made it extremely vague and confusing in order to hype up the angst. They definitely succeeded on that front: I had to go look up the wikipedia article to ensure it was a happy ending and kept repeating this fact to myself throughout the last few minutes of the show. But I found it somewhat unnecessary.

OST: Again, the songs are worth looking up, but there wasn’t an OST


April 22, 2010

Devil Beside You

by staples


Loved the actors and the acting. It was pretty amazing. The plot was good too, to a certain extent. They use the drama cliche of sending one character off to another country to add to the angst and that nearly put me over the edge, since it was my first time seeing that cliche. Honestly, it seemed very random and forced at the time, but in retrospect, it makes sense because they can’t really live together. The genre was a bit too romantic for me, so the rating’s a bit low because of that.

OST: It didn’t have an OST, but the songs are definitely worth looking up.


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