Hi My Sweetheart Episode 3 Recap

by staples

Once Bai Chu Jie leaves, Da Lung’s roommates appear, teasing him about his first kiss being with BCJ. The odd thing is, they don’t ask what happened or assume the two are dating. They just take the news at face value. Is it just a girlfriend thing to want all the details?

They tell DL that he’ll have “bad luck” from now on because he’ll see her face whenever he tries to kiss someone else. In order to dispel this cure, they say, they’d better go see the three beauties at the dance club. So they pick Da Lung up (again) and carry him off. This repeated carrying would be stupid if not for Da Lung’s comment:


Now it’s just cute.


At the dance club, everything is going just fine until the CD player goes on the fritz. Right before Mo Lee’s dance. So DL plays the piano for her, shocking everyone with his skill.


As Da Lung plays, he imagines that he’s dancing with Mo Lee, but is brought back to reality when his cell starts ringing.

It’s BCJ, insisting that he get his butt down to the library to work on their paper. Look’s like someone’s ♪jeaaaaaaalousss♪. She knows he’s at the dance studio watching ML. As DL gets up, he sees:


the Three Beauties behind him. The two minions give him grief for dating BCJ, but Mo Lee gently takes his hands and asks him politely to stop hanging out with her. Numbed from the electricity that flows through his fingers like the Niagra Falls, DL nods yes but jumps when his phone goes off once more. BCJ yells through the phone that he has 25 minutes or he’s dead. Muttering some lie to the 3 Beauts, DL runs off, hoping to make it on time.


BCJ’s cat aura disappears when DL arrives with a few seconds to spare. Apparently, Mo Lee is not stupid (News to me. Winking smile ) and shows up in the library looking for Da Lung. In a sudden move to hide from her, DL jumps on BCJ, resulting in the following position:


(I love her completely disgusted expression above)

BCJ is about to kick his butt when Mo Lee leaves, so DL sits up hurriedly. Catching sight of Mo Lee turn towards them once again, she understands. Without speaking, she pulls DL on top of her again, making for another awkward scene. Really, BCJ, using Mo Lee as an excuse now, are we?


Peeved at Da Lung’s refusal to be seen with her, she gets up and leaves, saying that since meeting is such a bother for him and most of the paper has been done already, they can just write the separate halves of the paper and merge them later. As she speeds off, she runs through someone, catching the eye of a random guy who runs up to break her fall.


It’s Xuezhang! BCJ’s high school senior. He’s not handsome in the least, but there’s something about him that I appreciate. I think it’s the hair. I have a weakness for long hair on guys. Da Lung gets instantly jealous and when BCJ offers to buy Xuezhang lunch (I’m going to call him XZ from now on Smile), DL tries to turn it into “We’ll buy you lunch.”

BCJ refuses, but XZ says it’s a good idea. They argue for a bit until XZ says they’ll decide by “the old method.”


Da Lung decides that he’ll skip lunch.


Over lunch we learn that XZ taught BCJ judo in high school and “she’s never been bullied since.” Xuezhang says that he was worried about her but it looks like he didn’t need to be since she has such a cute friend. She’s confused at first, then gets skeptical and defensive when she realizes that he means that “shame of society ugly mushroom head.”

“Him? But he’s stupid and idiotic.”

“That’s what makes him cute, isn’t it?”

I think this is what I like about Xuezhang. He understands BCJ to a tee.. Despite his looks, I think I’ll be sad when he doesn’t get the girl. We also learn that his real name is “Ho Yen Feng.” I think I’m going to stick to Xue zhang.

BCJ smartly avoids the question about DL’s cuteness by saying that XZ is the one who thinks DL is cute, not her. Then, XZ says, “He seems to like you a little bit.”

NO!!! REALLY?!?! BCJ denies it, but Xuezhang says,

Really? Then not only is he stupid and clumsy, but he also has bad taste in girls.

WAHHHHH!!!!! Just date her now please!!! BCJ tells him that despite his bad looks, DL likes the “campus belle.”

“Are you jealous?”

“Of who? The mushroom head? Maybe in another lifetime.”

“That’s good, then. Because if you were jealous, I’d be jealous.”

Wah! Not only does he understand BCJ to a tee, he knows to be somewhat aggressive in his pursuit of love. If only he was better looking…


BCJ pauses, and then laughs for him to stop joking, but you know that she kinds knows that he’s not.


Meanwhile, DL is getting his back fixed (harshly) by a masseuse. His friends try to cheer him up with jokes!

“If a banana falls down the stairs, what does it become?”


Oh my. That’s…that’s terrible.


Meanwhile, BCJ asks XZ how long he’s staying.

“Do you want me to stay?”

“Of course! I don’t have any friends here, so of course it’s better if you stayed.”

“What about that mushroom head?”

“He’s not important.”

WAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!! TT_TT They’re so perfect for each other!!! And he has the nicest smile…

It’s apparent now why he won’t win. He’s aggressive enough to go out there, but nice enough to back down because he senses her discomfort. The only problem is, he’s letting her trick herself into thinking that he’s joking. Here’s what I don’t understand: how is he supposed to win at all? Because the guy who falls first seems to always lose. Will being super aggressive work at all? Not if she doesn’t like him back, I suppose Sad smile


We now find out why Xue zhang is in the area in the first place. Some radio station is holding a “My Sweetheart” competition where the winner gets to film a commercial and be the spokesperson for whatever product this is.


Sign translation: I am why the awesome second lead exists. Be in awe.

The 3 Beauts see the sign and decide to compete, since dancing is one of the sections of the competition.


Meanwhile, DL is squirming around in class like a worm. BCJ tells him to stop and when he protests, saying that his injuries are her fault anyway, she proceeds to crack his injured hand, causing him to yell out in the middle of class.


Recovering quickly, he responds to the teacher’s inquiry (“Da Lung, what the heck are you doing??) by saying that he was just thinking of how Bai Chu Jie should read the next English passage aloud.


She does so, her “melodious” voice mesmerizing the students. DL does not, of course, recognize her as the one from the airport. Her voice really isn’t that bad for a Mandarin speaker.

After class, DL complains that the whole “you write half, I write half” thing is stupid. BCJ relents, saying that they’ll meet in the library after school.

“Do you want to eat?”

“No. I already said we only meet when it relates to the paper.”

“I know, Because you have your Xue zhang to eat with.”

“And you have your Mo Lee.”


Well. As long as you guys aren’t bitter about it… (Not that we’re going to complain about the jealousy between them Smile with tongue out)

Just as BCJ walks off, Mo Lee comes in, asking Da Lung if he’ll play the piano for the dance segment of the competition. All the boys are jealous and one roommate points out that DL’s hand is injured. (He kindly points this out by gripping the hand in question very tightly).


DL replies that his fingers are agile enough, proving them as such by poking Ba Shuang’s eyes out.


And so begins a montage of DL’s dance session with Mo Lee coupled with library meetings with BCJ.


And just as DL opens his mouth one evening (presumably to as BCJ out to eat) she spots Xue zhang and runs up to him, saying that they should eat together. (I am liking his little “referee” themed outfit here.)


Aww. Look at that mournful little glance. *tear*

Finally, the paper is finished.


DL saves it onto his flash drive and BCJ leaves, saying that they no longer have anything to do with one another. Oh, yes. Because that tactic always works in dramas. DL thanks her for helping him. BCJ scoffs and says that she didn’t need him, he was always helping Mo Lee dance instead of working. DL is surprised. “You’re always on a date with Xue zhang!”

And so they both walk away, dissatisfied.


Back at DL’s apartment, the roommates are finishing the paper when the bully from class demands that they write his as well.


Da Lung comes home later, completely exhausted, and the two roommates come up with a “fool proof” plan to write the bullies a paper in two hours. (Really, bullies? A 3-hours notice to write a whole research paper? You really deserve to fail). They “borrow” Da Lung’s flash drive and edit a few words, passing that off to the bully.


The next evening, Bai Chu Jie visits Xue zhang’s hotel room. He says that he wants her to try out for the Miss Sweetheart competition, something she flatly refuses to do. So, they try by the old method. Xue zhang wins, and the resulting pin (which involves his face inches from hers) has BCJ getting up in quite a hurry. (Yes, I’m sorry. I’m also kicking myself for not having pics).

BCJ goes home, greeted by a dark house and a note on the table with money and a note that her mother isn’t around, as usual. So she watches the Pink Panther, seeing DL’s face half the time.



Back at school, the teacher calls BCJ, DL, and the two bullies to the back, saying that their two papers were surprisingly similar. (Hmmm…I wonder why!!!!!!). The two bullies produce Da Lung’s flash drive, saying that they’ve obviously done the work themselves and that Bai Chu Jie must have stolen it from them. BCJ, in her typical fashion, says that if they think she did it, then fine. She did it. I really don’t appreciate this side of her. It’s kind of silly. Regardless, the teacher is quick to believe it was BCJ based on past demerits. Bai Chu Jie is expelled because “she plagiarized someone’s work, denies it, and doesn’t repent it.”


The roommates are looking awfully sorry at this point. DL begs the professor to give BCJ another chance. The professor says he will, if BCJ admits her mistake in front of everyone and “introspects.” BCJ refuses and runs out of the room. Da Lung follows her asking why she won’t explain herself. I’m kind of wondering the same thing myself. She keeps running and Da Lung keeps following until….


…it becomes apparent that she’s running to Xue Zhang for comfort. Da Lung leaves and Xue Zhang is the good guy he is and helps calm her down. He doesn’t ask questions, just assures her that everything will be all right and not to over react.

“Even if only one person in the world cherishes you, that’s enough.”

“Xue Zhang, aren’t you going to ask what happened?”

“No matter what happened, we have to face it calmly.”

Look outside your window. See that person with the enormous banner of Ho Ye Fen’g’s face going “Xue Zhang! Xue Zhang! Xue Zhang!”? That’s me.


Meanwhile, the roommates are discussing the problem, which is a terrible thing to do in your room when your roommate is the guy you got into trouble. Da Lung walks in and surprisingly, he gets violent on them. It’s kind of like BCJ’s turning him into a man.


The story comes out and Da Lung insists that they go tell Professor Ma the truth. Wu Ke and Ba Shuang give some sob story of how they will get into trouble and their parents will be sooooo upset and blah blah blah. Yeah, shoulda thought about that before, huh?

Meanwhile, BCJ goes home. Her mother isn’t there, as usual, so she gives her a call to tell her the bad news. Her mother is less than supportive, asking why BCJ would do such a thing at such a time since her mother is going out of the country for a week “on business.” A fter a heated discussion, she runs out of the house, right past Da Lung, who was coming to inform her of what he had learned. He, of course, turns and follows.

She stops at an ice-cream store where he wisely shuts up upon request. They sit at the same table, eating ice cream (or, in BCJ’s case, scarfing down the ice cream as though it was the reason for all her problems). When she finishes, she stands up to leave. He follows her out and when she yells at him he bursts, “Bai Chu Jie, you were falsely accused.”

Way to drop a bombshell on her, Da Lung. I’m sure this comes as a complete surprise…

She responds with a ’so what?’ She doesn’t want to go back to school anyway. No one likes her, so why can’t he stop being a busybody?

“Xuezhang was right,” she says finally. “I shouldn’t give up on myself for you good-for-nothing bastards. I want to live my own life.”

“What do you mean us good for nothing bastards?”

“You dare say you’re not? You doubted me, didn’t you?”

“I, I—“

“When Mo Lee and her friends said I was materialistic and a thief, you dare say you didn’t believe that?”


“If you don’t believe me, then leave me alone!”

She runs away, and DL yells after her:


She walks on.


At school the next day, DL takes charge and makes an announcement in front of the whole clss about the plagiarism:


BCJ is obviously touched by his speech, particularly when he admits, “I shouldn’t have distrusted Bai Chu Jie.” This sets off a chain reaction of confessions: first the two roommates, then the bully with the pretty cool hair. Then the bully’s partner tries to take the blame, but Cool Hair Dude refuses to let that happen. It’s like a cheesy apology orgy, because next thing you know, the two bullies and the roommates are arguing about exactly who is at fault.

Everyone basically gets off with a warning. Cool Hair Dude admits that it was his fault and then praises DL, saying “that “it’s so humane of you to treat BCJ like that. What’s going on between you two?”


…that they’re the class couple?

So the whole class starts teasing them about being the class couple. BCJ says nothing, as usual, and DL stutters out a weak “We’re just classmates.”

“Please! Who would get expelled for a normal friend? Unless he were stupid.”

“He is stupid!” BCJ exclaims.

“BCJ, are you still angry at me for not believing you? I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

“You idiot!” she says, near tears. She’s obviously trying to manage her feelings at this point, so she walks off. DL follows her to her car and sits himself down, ignoring her commands to get out:


She drives as fast as she can, scaring the wits out of DL.


By the time they stop it’s dark and the two get out of the car, DL terribly shaken.


“Bai Chu Jie, are you still mad?”


“What will it take for you to forgive me?’”

“Get lost.”


“Where do I get lost to?”


“Is it that serious? I risked getting expelled for you.”

“Who asked you to? The more you do, the more angry I’ll be!”


“Everything I do is my business. If I get expelled, want to give up on myself or die—It’s my business! Who asked you to care? Why can’t you be like the others and wish I’d disappear?”

“I don’t know. I just don’t think this is how things should be. You’re a good person. I just want to protect the people I want to protect.”


“You want to protect me?”

“Why? No one likes me.”

“Who said everyone hates you? I like you!”


This time, Da Lung feels the fireworks.


After this piece of candy for all the viewers (we’re all thinking ‘FINALLY!!’), Bai Chu Jie drives Da Lung home. As he gets out of the car, he has one last question:


“Whatever,” Bai Chu Jie says finally. “It’s up to you.” (Translation: “YES! *girly squeal*”)

“This stuff isn’t just whatever!” Da Lung protests.


Awwww. They finally go together!!! (And I finally posted this recap. *sigh*). I’m glad Bai Chu’s character hasn’t suffered (kick-assness wise) now that she’s fallen for Da Lung. Also, I’m very sorry about how long this is taking. Hopefully I can kick back in gear and finish the Hi My Sweetheart recaps soon! Open-mouthed smile (Can you guys ever forgive me?)

Episode 4>>

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